The techniques that make an audiovisual show Fargo

The techniques that make an audiovisual show Fargo

The second season of Fargo has refined many aspects that we fell in love with its predecessor, including the vi...

The second season of Fargo has refined many aspects that we fell in love with its predecessor, including the visual.

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After several unexpected murders (and other more expected), some family betrayals and hundreds of bullets lost in the process, ended last week which we consider as one of the mejores 2015 series. Fargo’s second season ended, and with it the visual spectacle that every week came to our TV.

The spin-off based on the movie of the Coen brothers has outlined many of the benefits we saw in the first season. This time it is a prequel set at the end of the 70s, making it the story explaining the past of some characters seen during the events of Lester Nygaard. Therefore, this time will be marked by a different treatment, both narrative and visual.

Noah Hawley, director and writer of the series, it was decided to recycle some of the visual resources and we were impressed and add others, no doubt, help to improve good visual reference and assumed his first job. Paragraph photography is something that has been very careful in Fargo, but the war of the Gerhardt and snowy landscapes of the city in ND makes it look better than ever.


In the second season of Fargo it seems to have changed the palette colors with respect to its predecessor. Although still find some scenes bathed by the characteristic bluish and cool tone that identifies the series, this time we also see others as warmer red, orange and brown.

In addition to aesthetics, the reason This change also may be motivated by historical context in which it is set. This is something that we see in many elements, such as leather jackets worn by many of the protagonists, the walls of houses, cars … etc.

The colors used on this occasion have a charm special. Transmit all that tone vintage own in the late 70s and at the same time are ideal for this police thriller provide an atmosphere conducive supplement.


If there is something that stands out in Fargo is the constant burden and the feeling that at any moment can unleash a storm of gunfire. That narrative tension is achieved thanks to the combination of different elements, such as the script, but the planes used are also responsible for granting the anguish of his scenes feature.

For this use very close planes, which reveal the sarcasm and irony that sometimes hide the true intentions of the characters. Then there is a big difference between what is shown and what is hidden behind that facade. That’s what always keeps us on the alert. There are also times when using air planes, which show a totally insignificant overhead perspective of the subjects to the overwhelming landscape. It is a way to reflect distance and detachment, which may be linked to the agony and loneliness

Split Screen

One of the new techniques included in the second season of Fargo. But this we have already seen it in several films, especially those led by Danny Boyle. But here the split screen takes on a special hue.

In addition to tell what happens using two types of different planes, sometimes both films differ in time, but very mild form. Not then try to add additional information to what you already see, but make more dynamic and entertaining scene. However, at other times if it is an instrument to tell Two stories at once, but the first designated use is the most common.


(Video with spoilers in chapter seven)

An audiovisual show not only uses images, there is the sound section. The second season of Fargo is an authentic aural delight, and nothing of what we see on the screen would be meaningless if it were not skillfully synchronized with what we hear.

so iconic groups like Black Sabbath (in the last episode) or Jethro Tull (which starts the episode seven) are responsible for putting a soundtrack only deafened by the sound emitted by cut and the resulting cries of pain. Among other things, that’s what makes Fargo in an audiovisual show.

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