The ‘Tinder genetic’: a app of dating to avoid hereditary diseases

The well-known geneticist, american George Church, a researcher in the Harvard University and co-founder of more than thirty startups, is working in a dating application who identified users with the same recessive gene for a severe genetic disease and prevents you to know.This tool of pairing genetic would be designed to integrate into any application dating existing -as Tinder or Meetic-. This way, if you know someone in a app of this type, you fall in love and have children, you’ll know that the baby does not run the risk of having a hereditary disease rare.So that you can find your ‘match’ without genetic risk, you have to send your DNA sequencing genome full. The story of the ‘DigiD8’ -the name with which they baptized the project in honor of ‘D8’, slang internet to ‘quote’- it was told the u.s. program of CBS ‘60 minutes’.

To ease the criticisms of which qualifies the Church as eugenista , and reproach him who may be trying to eliminate the genetic diversity and persons with disabilities full, the researcher has clarified in ‘The Washington Post’ “the app can only be addressed by a set of diseases clinically very serious, as the Tay-Sachs or cystic fibrosis. Has stressed its strong opposition to eugenics, and has insisted that his lab values genetic diversity.“These diseases serious -around 7,000 – affect approximately 5% of births. Therefore, everything in the world [using the app] will be compatible with the remaining 95% of the people,” said Church. This, for example, could be very useful in small communities of ethnic-religious that have a high level of inbreeding.It is not about “losing” diseases “not so serious” yes dan “diversity in society”, but prevent a baby “a genetic disease is very serious that will cause a lot of pain and suffering” and which also cost “millions of dollars” in treatment for the child “dies very young”, has insisted the geneticist.

eugenics practiced in countries like the US and Germany between 1920 and 1970 inmiscuía in the lives of human beings, and in their choices reproductive personal. Dor Yeshorim help people understand their genetic risk of serious diseases such as Tay-Sachs”, has emphasized Church on its Twitter account.However, experts from around the world warn of the problem of coming to believe in this app with blind faith, and begin to doubt your real application affirming that it is not true that you can choose a partner and have the security that you’re not going to have children with genetic diseases.Church has already raised controversy in other occasions by try to clone the neanderthal in the womb of a woman, return to the life of the mammoth or its link with the north american tycoon Jeffrey Epstein that he wanted to “sow the seed of the human race” from their DNA breeding women in mass at his ranch in New Mexico, USA. From his lab, the team from Church is working to make humans immune to all viruses, remove genetic diseases and reverse the aging process.
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The ‘Tinder genetic’: a app of dating to avoid hereditary diseases
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December 17, 2019

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