The trick to skip incognito to the indiscreet ‘typing’ on WhatsApp

The trick to skip incognito to the indiscreet ‘typing’ on WhatsAppYou are always eager to find tricks with which to improve devices and applications or circumvent those aspects set that is not convincing. And if you are simple, better. One of the things that tend to annoy WhatsApp is related to the fact of being watched in the chats with regard to the last connection, and the confirmation that, yes, you have read that message that you don’t want or can’t answer (the famous and ‘controversial’ double check blue).In this aspect of privacy is also the hassle which arises in occasions the fact that other users will see the ‘writing’ in the full wording of a message. The state ‘writing’, it is tiring for example, when a response is expected from a mother or a father little skilled in keyboarding and digital reality (the erased, the turns to start, then read a simple “OK, sweetheart”), but that is another topic.What motivates this article, a option of limiting that exposure is as drastic as logic: disable the wifi connection and the mobile data. While leaving the ‘Waiting for network’ at the top of WhatsApp, then it would be the ideal time to write. Once again be connected to the digital reality, the text put into the chat in question is sent from automatic mode.The pathway described also implies that neither appears to ‘online’ (not, however, obvious), and then (in principle) should not have updated the specification of the last connection.In the end, comes to be the same as the step explained, but it can also apply directly to the Airplane Mode, write whatever you want and send it so that it is in standby (when it comes out the relojito to read the text).Of more subtle form, a third alternative would be to, after you have read the message in the notifications that they attack on the phone and accumulate on the screen (and therefore without entering the WhatsApp), use the app Notes that comes in every device, copy and paste. This minimizes the time of exposure.

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