The ultimate smartphone, the best each one of the best smartphones


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technology like the same. We take the best features of each of the top brands of the product, mix, and cubata leaving the final product would all love , we would pay what they were worth, and whose manufacturer would become the world number one. But nobody has done that ever, why is that? That will save it for another day, but captivates us imagine that the idea of ​​ideal product .

In the field of smartphones, how well imagine that a product can impact the market? Surely the perfect device for each of us could vary slightly in all aspects, because we all have different preferences, especially in design. Just do not exist model that could compete with him, so it would become a standard reference for long.

definitive smartphone

It turns out that this idea, although present in all of our heads, it was not drawn by us. The Blog T3 gadgets and technology has made a very good approximation to the field, and the result has given rise to talk about it. In the video that have been carefully worked, as I unveiled before the result of a definitive smartphone emerged from the union of the best features of today’s best devices, independently of manufacturers. I leave the video here.

19px;”> The result … a delight for all, I believe. With this result I’d settle for a few many years, and even spare me. individual requirements are by preference. In my case for example I have spare camera cucumber but sure for many of you is a must. I for example love the design theme , and HTC (with Apple if you will) is certainly the best makes. also clear few screens compete with Samsung, and what about the battery piece Xperia Z. dust resistance and water is something that everyone likes, provided he does not oblige lose important design issues. There things that none of us reject.

There are also more specific aspects such as dual boot, that many others would like and unnecessary. And the end of the projector pijotada keyboard … well, to convince any technology lover. In any case, if you look are features that do not differ too much from a PC in terms of power.


imagine would be remiss latest specification, price. All components are extracted from high-end smartphones, and link these components provide a phone of the same range, although obviously than everything known as high current range. Any manufacturer that offered such a device, know in advance that would be the best . The only problem is to offer the right price. still knowing you have the best, how to make money with it is not easy. Because the high-end smartphone product and is an expensive product for the user, up much of that standard may result in rejection rates general public.

Anyway, would be curious to see some manufacturer risk with such a proposal. would have secured the looks of all users, for sure.

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The ultimate smartphone, the best each one of the best smartphones
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July 12, 2013

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