The unbearable heat as a source of inspiration: movies, books and songs to sweat

DANIEL G. Aparicio

  • This summer is leaving us a heat wave after another.
  • Some movies like Falling Down Twelve Angry Men and Rear Window convert heat into a major plot element.
  • There are also many books whose stories unfold in sweltering lozalizaciones while in music, the heat usually inspires joyful songs.

 Marilyn Monroe

A blazing sun lights up the asphalt. The air unbearably hot, remains stationary. Not a breeze. When moving is worse, almost burns the skin. The singing of the cicadas reminds us that there is cause for complaint. It’s summer and plays sweat. We also will remind shortly the electricity bill, and there is no home now in Spain where you can breathe without air conditioning or a small (or large ) fan.

When the summer season began, the 40 degree heat settled in the peninsula for summer with us and seems to have no intention of leaving. The heat wave goes for long . Many thank you . No better able to enjoy the pool, splashing in the sea or sink into lethargy for long naps on the couch with the sound of the television in the background.

However, for others, heat becomes a real suffering : constant sweating, feeling oppressive atmosphere, greater difficulty exercising constant physical and mental laziness and stupidity. Psychologists also say that the heat causes irritability and negatively affects creativity and ingenuity. Interestingly these effects are those who have inspired quite a few filmmakers, composers and writers.

Movies that make sweat blood

What better way to experience the characters and put in extreme situations to submit the relentless scourge of scorching sun? Well know characters from westerns, where the desert is always a character. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , for example, the good (Clint Eastwood) leaves the Ugly (Eli Wallach) in a desert area. This is then comes doing the same but in a much more cruel. “See what a beautiful? Well arena, that’s the desert, an oven 150 miles long , nor war dares to pass,” Wallach says Eastwood before him suffer the scourge of heat and thirst.

Another desert, even more implacable, is the dystopian future of Mad Max: Fury Road where water is scarce insane controlled by warlords who use it to control their unhappy subjects. One more realistic, the Arizona drew gasps from Sean Penn in U-Turn Oliver Stone. Her character, trapped in a strange town in the middle of the desert, no sweat shirt stopped a minute of footage, the suffocating heat and the presence of a number of disturbing character.

But not more looking cactus, sand dunes and wastelands to suffer the burden of high temperatures. The big city can be so unbearable burning oven like any self-respecting wilderness. Michael Douglas is well aware, since high temperatures contributed to make lose the head in Falling Down . Also they suffered the worst side of the protagonists summer temperatures of Twelve Angry Men , a dozen men in suits locked in a small room with no fan or air conditioning, sweating nonstop while debating a murder case.

James Stewart was not exactly comfortable Rear Window. Sweaty and wheelchair with leg broken, took the whole neighborhood had the windows open wide (because of a summer heat wave) to practice voyeurism.

This city oppression has left some memorable scenes that are already part of the history of cinema. The most emblematic is by far that of The Seven Year Itch where Marilyn Monroe sets over a vent of the New York subway to cool. The patriotic film also features a sequence worthy of remembering. The Law of Desire Pedro Almodóvar, Carmen Maura asks to be watered on the street to fight the inferno of summer nights in Madrid.

Books that give thirst

There are few readers who have traveled to the desert planet Arrakis to discover how water can become the most valuable asset for subsistence. It is not there sound? Perhaps aware of the other more popular name, Dune , main stage of the novel by Frank Herbert. Another fictional place, the surreal Macondo of Gabriel García Márquez, also makes the intense heat of its identity.

But you do not go so far as to suffer the heat for the reading. Enough, for example, Karen Dinesen accompany their Out of Africa . Summer in Africa can be so stifling that came to affect even Meursault, the protagonist impassive Foreign Albert Camus. Accused of a crime, the man is always displayed unchanged. The Algerian heat is the only thing that seems to feel something.

Camus Algeria also chose as the setting for The plague , where high temperatures cause havoc the dying population. The author choking unsuspecting reader when he has a sick “surrounded by hundreds of crackling heat walls” and reveals that “the humid heat of spring made her want the heat of summer.”

Maycomb, a hot Alabama town invented by Harper Lee, the novel becomes Kill a Mockingbird in a constant burden. Harder still it is the panorama painting Philip Rod Nemesis . Synopsis of the book href=”” makes it clear from the beginning : “In the sweltering heat of Newark equatorial, a dreadful epidemic rages and threatens to leave the children of the city of New Jersey maimed, paralyzed or disabled, and even kill them. “

Free pure heat

Although the warmth and summer often give rise to lively and festive about the holiday and leisure periods in summer songs, there are also quite a few comments about how insufferable you can become. Perhaps the best example is href=”” Summer in the City , Lovin ‘Spoonful, 1966 a song that talks about the stifling summer days in the big city: “hot city”, “there seems to be a shadow in the city”, “everywhere, people looks half dead, walking down the sidewalk, which is hotter than a match head “…

In 1988, the rebels reminded us at Mediterranean the simplest solution to combat urban heat, flee the city and stand in the coast. “That burden summer my body is soaked with sweat. I drop my home above I can not stand the heat Life is no longer living in the city. It’s time to change asphalt sea. Tired of living in a cage like an animal, “begins the legendary song that after inviting us to” Mediterranean heat route, the Mediterranean, the Sun Temple, Mediterranean, nights of light and color. “

That is the best option, especially for those who live in the central and stressful Madrid. They directed The Refreshments, in 1989, his sly href=”″ There is no beach . “You can have Retiro, Casa Campo and Ateneo, you can have a thousand cinemas, thousand theaters, thousand museums, you can have Corrala, organs and chulapas, but arriving August, go, go !, here there is no beach” sang with humor Madrid band.

Inevitably, music, the summer heat is always linked to eroticism and sexuality. In 1984, Radio Futura sang that “burns the setting sun street” to tell later in his href=”″ School of heat how “in the private pools, the girls bare their bodies to the sun”. Were even more explicit in 1995 with Los Rodríguez much better : “It’s hot, it’s hot, I was waiting for you to sing my song, and you open the bottle and drink to her and make love on the balcony”


The unbearable heat as a source of inspiration: movies, books and songs to sweat
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July 30, 2015

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