The unique Playdate has attracted as 100,000 curious

This portable console will arrive in 2020 with a singular proposal of software and hardware very peculiar.

The portable console Playdate, a project of Panic Inc., has added more than 100,000 expressions of interest by potential buyers for this hardware that stands out by including a hand crank. All of them have been registered in the website.

Playdate is a new portable console that will be launched in 2020 for a price of 149 dollars. It is a curious device that does not seek to compete with the classic consoles from Nintendo or Sony. Includes a screen black-and-white, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB-C, port for headphones and a crank handle on its side.

Playdate offers a “season” of games that is updated every with a new game every week, during 12 weeks. One of them is Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, developed by Keita Takahashi –Katamari Damacy– that is based on the use of that crank.

“We’ve seen an incredible response among the developers,”
has said Greg Maletic, director of special projects at Panic Inc, so it seems that an important part of these potential consumers may be developers and creatives who have felt interested by your proposal.

The unique Playdate has attracted as 100,000 curious

The unique Playdate has attracted as 100,000 curious
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