The University of Barcelona Masters homeopathy eliminates #NoSinEvidencia

The University of Barcelona eliminates the master of homeopathy

  • Under El País , the University of Barcelona has decided to eliminate the graduate homeopathy who offered.
  • the decision was taken after receiving a report critical of the Faculty of Medicine.

homeopathy is a pseudoscience very popular without scientific basis. Despite the opposite positioning of entities such as Medical College, this pseudoterapia continues to campando It eases in many academic institutions, as repeatedly denounced the lawyer Fernando Frias blog the list of shame . Protests against the inclusion of homeopathy in the curriculum, fortunately, seems to begin to take effect. As published by the journalist Manuel Ansede in El País University of Barcelona has withdrawn his master in this pseudoscience of its academic offerings by “lack of scientific basis”. The decision comes months after the student Adrian Gomez began a campaign Change so that the UB stop offering homeopathy in their curricula.

The company was offering the Master in homeopathy since 2004, the year that included this graduate in the offer of the Institute Continuous (IL3) Training. Removal of title by the University of Barcelona, ​​as reported Ansede, is due to a contrary report of the Faculty of Medicine of the academic institution. The lack of “scientific evidence” to show the effects of homeopathy has been the reason that the UB has withdrawn this master. Reason, however, has not prevented other entities such as the UNED or Universidad Valencia bid on graduate degree programs related to this pseudoscience. engaño Homeopathy has become protagonist even a professorship at the University of Zaragoza, funded by Boiron , a multinational company that develops and markets homeopathic products.

The strong economic interests and lack of scientific dissemination have led to this pseudoterapia has taken place in academic institutions and has even been embraced by various political formations . But pseudoscience invented by Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century has not been able to show its effects after decades of trials and studies. The lack of scientific evidence dilutes the reasons given by advocates of homeopathy, why the University of Barcelona has decided to withdraw fortunately this discipline of their academic plans. Now if only other public entities go their way.


The University of Barcelona Masters homeopathy eliminates #NoSinEvidencia
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March 2, 2016

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