The value of prudence

What is prudence?

To be wise is to act in a balanced way, knowing hopefully without anticipating a particular event, without judgment without evidence of weight.

The value of prudence

Often you make many mistakes by not knowing how to wait. The truly wise prudence makes the saying goes, and it’s true. When one is reckless can to do to kill a person by talking something in the moment that it should not. A reckless speaks to the release, acting prematurely. For example, if you saw someone else smile at another, that does not mean and is courting. And possibly have left school or work together, but that does not mean anything. One could not come and tell the boyfriend or girlfriend: “Look, is that your partner is dating … and this … and this … and this … and always increasing you. And other things that do not consist.

So, the perfectly reckless killing another person does. Prudence is also to wait, with restraint, not desperately, in a balanced way. The value of prudence teaches us to speak the truth, not to lie, to be frugal, to not do anything to slander anyone.

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The value of prudence
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September 13, 2013

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