The video call in Messenger on Android are filled with more filters and masks


do you Feel as if lately the only thing that makes Facebook is add filters and masks in each and every one of the applications of the brand? So it won’t be missing part of reason, and the latest news from Messenger follow on the same line.

Although Facebook Messenger has already had for a time some masks and effects in video calls, the latest update raises the stakes with more filters, more masks and more dynamic effects. Although with Facebook you never know since the propagation of the changes is always to time limits, these changes are already available in video calls on Android.

Masks dynamic

they are Already in the stories of Facebook, Instagram and, of course, is now coming to Messenger. We are speaking of masks the dynamics that change when you open your mouth, guiñas an eye, raise your eyebrows, or many other conditions.


Presumably the masks will change by region, but some of them at least appear to me there is a cat-hat, effect escupefuegos, costume, bear, rabbit, overdose little heart and the crown of flowers, among others. In my case, I have twelve masks.


Another of the options in the video calls is apply a filter to your image. Here the truth is that filters are not a big thing, with typical black-and-white, sepia or vintage. At the moment there are eight available filters.



finally, the reactions also reach out to the video call in Messenger. If you need to let the other person know that you love, makes you laugh, surprises you, you sad or you’re angry something, tap the button corresponding to that an animation, show it visually.

All of these changes come rigged with a new button for make screen shots of the call and save them in the gallery. In this way, the next time you use a cat as a hat in a video call in Messenger, you’ll be able to inmortalizarlo for posterity.


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The video call in Messenger on Android are filled with more filters and masks
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June 27, 2017

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