The video game that allows you to do the goose (literal) comes to PS4 and Xbox One

By their characteristics, delusional, some of the leisure proposals sound like a joke. In the case of the video game Untitled Goose Game the appreciation responds to the literal, because its origin is a joke-house developers. The user becomes a goose whose fundamental dedication passes by to generate destruction and bother to the people. was First available for PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch and now comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.“It’s a beautiful morning in the village and you’re a goose horrible”, reads the phrase that condenses the premise of the cute and simple game for all ages created by the australian company House House and released by Panic. The occurrence welled up three years ago in a group of Slack in the members from House to House were considering what product to promote, and has become a striking reality.The game is on track to make the goose and to do this you drive to a specimen of this bird in a town far from what you plan. You can colarte in the gardens of the neighbors, walk the streets, grab objects, steal them and, above all, squawk and incordiar to everyone that you meet because, as highlighted, you play as an animal unpleasant and unfriendly.In the promotional trailer focused on this Grinch of the geese you see how the above throws several personal items to the water, gives you a fright with a noise to an unsuspecting gardener to that after he steals the keys from his pocket, takes the harmonic of an elder or chasing a poor child. These are some examples that make clear the intent is playful, and how by using the same the player can channel it down your side edge.In September, came out for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac, and since this week we are adding the versions for PS4 and Xbox One. In 2020, at a date to be determined, will also to Steam.
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The video game that allows you to do the goose (literal) comes to PS4 and Xbox One
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December 17, 2019

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