‘The visitor’: HBO adapts Stephen King miniseries most concerned about in the atmosphere that in the narration

'The visitor': HBO adapts Stephen King miniseries more interested in the atmosphere than in the narration

The Stephen King is one of the most popular authors (and prolific, that is incredible the pace at which you publish today makes it a hottie to affix. What fool is already unlikely in the year that are not debuts a handful of adaptations of his work and to 2020 do not can be less with the arrival in January of ‘visitors’ (‘The Outsider’), a miniseries of ten episodes that will premiere HBO Spain the 13th of January.

Based on the novel of the same name, we find a supernatural thriller that begins with the terrible murder and rape of a child in a small american city. All points (forensic evidence and witnesses) that the culprit is the beloved teacher and youth coach Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman), however there is strong evidence that it was more than a hundred miles away on that day. 

The reality, that you begin to glimpse, is far more disturbing. So you will discover the detective assigned to Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn), begins to see that there is a mysterious force behind this brutal murder and more events around, to do this contact the researcher Holly Gibney, specializing in the supernatural, to help you give with the nature of the evil that seems to have come to Flint, Georgia.

Recognizing the seal of the King (and Richard Price)

I admit that before I came to see the first episode of the series had not fallen in who was his screenwriter. Five minutes I recognized it from full the personal stamp of Richard Price, author of ‘The Night Of‘, a miniseries that HBO released in 2016 and that received good reviews in general though, I’m not finished to convince.

‘The visitor’ note daughter of writer in that quiet at the time of developing the story, remove the ellipsis, of filing the case, the relevant research and how it affects the protagonists of this strange event.

on the other side, you can see the patchwork characteristic of Stephen King: his customs, the mode of linking the crime with the wrong major and the magnificent way to create atmosphere. Tip, the presence central of a character from the trilogy ‘Mr. Mercedes’ (Holly Gibney). is on second Thought, there are a good pairing (King also takes his time to advance plot) between creator and adapter.

In the direction of the early episodes is Jason Bateman, who seems to have caught the book-style ‘Ozark‘ (for which he won an Emmy for the address) confusing what intensito as a synonym of quality. In general there is a halo of false tension, punctuated with some abuse of the incidental music, which will not do any good to the series.

A good proposal for a terror of fire somewhat slower than necessary

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This is not to say that the series doesn’t have its one, it has a great atmosphere, there are plans very interesting, moments, terrifying, and shocking, and acknowledge the seal King throughout the series. Especially is this worldliness, the realism, and even subtlety that makes the horror more believable, that becomes much more than other offerings in the genre.

therefore, ‘The visitor’ manages to leave their traces in the viewer. Another thing is that you (we) convince you more or less. My biggest problems with the series are, in fact, more due to issues of style, narrative and, why deny it, my low tolerance for intensity in apparently free.

In short, we find ourselves with a proposal that will captivate, and with reasons, a good part of the public, and fans of Stephen King. Yes, after having seen the first four episodes I get the feeling that a total of ten hours is, in principle, excessive for ‘The visitor’ due, precisely, to the calm with which they lead the story.

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‘The visitor’: HBO adapts Stephen King miniseries most concerned about in the atmosphere that in the narration
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January 1, 2020

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