The Walking Dead 6 × 15: The world is ours

The Walking Dead 6 x 15 the world is our

“Everything will be fine” … pfffffft

Have someone put a shoe on mouth “boyfriend” Carol, please.

the ladies and gentlemen season is + finished, next Sunday is the final episode and will last 90 minutes as is usual with The Walking Dead . This penultimate chapter has left us with a cliffhanger rather confusing, and quite concern. Everything will be OK … Where did this guy?

The episode starts a little before where the previous ends, we see Carol planning their departure and to keep his stores, Rosita and Sasha look with disfavor by a redhead, and Glenn and Maggie waste a lot of water in the middle of the apocalypse. All very casual and drama of the eight p.m. until you see those bruises on Maggie and you realize that this series someone is always hurt and trying to heal .

The world is ours and we know how to take it

 the walking dead 6x15

The already established slogan Rick about not taking risks splashes everywhere. seems not to realize that actually are taking more risks than ever . His relationship with Michonne, his decision to accept the rest of Alexandria as part of your family, dealing with Jesus and people in The Hilltop , and this bloody campaign against “the saviors”. For wherever you see it all are risks and are paying the consequences of those around her.

“The world is ours and we know how to take it.” No Rick, all we really know is that there is doubt before firing, and now that Morgan has shaken a bit your beliefs with that history has formed an image in your mind, connected one link to another and doubts have awakened again your head. He tried to believe, wanted to believe, he forced himself to believe that everything he did was justified to kill or die were the only poles of this world, that a bullet is what it takes to end things. Instead have started more .

If there is something more dangerous than doubt is certainty.

Everything is a circle

the walking dead 6x15

Delay . The time to consider whether past decisions were correct or not, is behind us. What these decisions have begun, there is no way to stop it . If either may or may not change, and if all life is valuable, is a question you can only answer yourself, but you’ll be forced to do so.

The remorse and fear have again Carol as hope and faith back to Morgan. The loose end of Daryl turned to be Denisse, and guilt has returned to seize him, could not protect Beth, could not protect his brother, could not protect anyone.

Sometimes you do things because you have to make them, sometimes you go because you do not want them more. come back, but if I do, I do not look .

the walking dead 6x15


The Walking Dead 6 × 15: The world is ours
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March 28, 2016

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