The war between the STATES. UU. and Huawei: consequences of the restrictions to the technology china

united States has announced that it will strengthen the restrictions on Huawei in the field of semiconductors: from September will not allow use machinery, or software created in the U.S. to design or produce chips Huawei. This decision affects everyone from mobile up to antennas of telephony.

The Department of Commerce of the north american country ensures that it has launched these new plans for “protect national security” and halt the efforts of the company to china to “undermine the export controls” in the united States.

that Is to say, not just include Huawei Technologies and 114 of their foreign subsidiaries in the list of entities that u.s. companies may not purchase technological components without permission from the Government, now EE. UU. you also don’t want the technology china can use software and american technology to design semiconductors.

what you can still buy phones Huawei? For the moment yes, and they will still be able to use Android as they are using up to now: with their services or re-launching mobile already licensed.

For his part, Huawei has stated that it “opposes categorically to the amendments carried out by the Department of Commerce of the united States in its policy on foreign products (FDPR) that attacks directly to Huawei”.

“The U.S. government included Huawei in the Entity List on 16 may 2019 without justification.

Since that time we have maintained our commitment to comply with all the rules and regulations of the government of EE. UU., despite the fact that there were elements of industrial and technological key that were not available to us. At the same time, we have fulfilled our contractual obligations with customers and suppliers, and we have survived, and continued forward despite the circumstances.”

however, they say, “in its relentless pursuit to strengthen the pressure on our company” the Government of the united States has decided “to proceed and to completely ignore the concerns of many enterprises and industrial associations”.

Qualify the decision as “arbitrary and pernicious” and argue that “threatens to undermine the industry at a global level.” “This new regulation will affect the expansion, maintenance and operation of networks for value of hundreds of billions of dollars that we have implemented in more than 170 countries. It will also affect the communications services for more than 3,000 million people who use products and services of Huawei around the world” highlights from Huawei.

“For attacking a leader of another country, the government of the united States has turned its back deliberately to the interests of customers and consumers, Huawei. This goes against the affirmation of the u.s. government that the decision is motivated by the security of the networks,” they conclude.

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The war between the STATES. UU. and Huawei: consequences of the restrictions to the technology china
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May 19, 2020

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