The wizard of Google, you can read web pages by you, and also to translate them

The wizard of Google, you can read web pages for you and also translate

Anda that has not been improving the wizard of Google with the passage of months, it seems incredible that Assistant take between us four years. During all this time, has gone from being a sort of ‘bot’ that ask you about things to become an AI capable of book your appointment at the hair salon. So the next step does is makes us very strange: Google Assistant we will read the web pages, you can also translate them.

The novelty of the has communicated directly Google in your web page, so it’s official: Assistant takes a giant step forward in the interpretation of the web to not only make your navigation more comfortable, also will solve many drawbacks of those with vision difficulties. Because you just need to open Google Assistant and tell her that we read: the wizard will dictate aloud what is written. You may even be able to translate it.

‘Ok, Google. Read this page’

Google Assistant Lee Web Pages

The new functionality will open the door to a navigation heard and uncomplicated, since you only need to ask the clerk to read the page that we are seeing. Regardless of the browser (in principle suitable for Chrome, the Google search app and Google News) and no matter the language in which is written the web: Google Assistant will use their skills TTS (text-to-speech or Text-to-speech) to identify the words and articulate them in a loud voice. All without us having to write anything because you just need to use the voice.

The function will be as simple as telling the assistant to ‘Read’ or ‘Read this page’: Assistant will identify the order, will scan the text of the page (you can access the text written in HTML) and will make you a voice with the tool TTS of the phone. And if the page is not found in the original language of the mobile, Google Assistant will pass the text of the website for your translator to then articulate the words already translated. All-in-one process that lasts for a few seconds, at least according to what is shown by Google.

This new feature is not yet available, hence we speak of it in the future: Google ensures that Read it, name that placed him in the newness of Assistant, will be available before the end of the year. And it will be universal: you will arrive to all Android-certified with a minimum version 5 Lollipop.

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The wizard of Google, you can read web pages by you, and also to translate them
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March 4, 2020

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