The woman kissed history

The most famous unknown woman in the world

L’Inconnue de la Seine has fascinated generations, including artists, from the late nineteenth century. This is his story.

Some might say that the world’s most famous unknown woman is one whose portrait he painted Leonardo da Vinci early sixteenth century, La Gioconda , also known as The Mona Lisa . But it has not only been an opportunity to propose to ten people as possible models for painting, including Isabella of Castile, but also the theory that it is Lisa Gherardini is largely accepted by the evidence that we have. So that honor belongs, in fact, the stranger the Seine, then is not even possible to make valid assumptions about the identity of this woman .

The beautiful face a young drowned

in the late eighties of the nineteenth century, the lifeless body of a young woman was recovered from the Seine in the Paris Quai du Louvre , opposite the famous museum, a river bank today renamed François Mitterrand, the well-known president of France. It was assumed that the girl, whose age does not exceed sixteen by the skin firm had, must have killed himself because he was not found in her any sign of violence. And, as was customary at the time, she was exhibited at the funeral in the hope that someone would recognize her; It was not. The Unknown of the Seine became an erotic ideal, and many artists have used it and have speculated about who he was and the circumstances that led to the death

But a pathologist at the morgue was so moved by the sad beauty of the girl who called a maker of masks that would make a plaster cast of his face ; and shortly thereafter, numerous copies of the mask appeared throughout the city of Paris, and many artists of that time were interested in her for her enigmatic smile and shocking expression of happiness, and used it in his compositions, speculating about who it was and what were the circumstances that had led to death. Thus, eventually became a leader of the bohemian era that has lasted until today .

The original cast was photographed and new molds were made from the negatives, and there was no room to fashion a mask of unknown Seine hung on him. “A whole generation of German girls inspired her appearance,” says the London critic Al Alvarez in his essay The Savage God , a study on suicide. And the unfortunate young woman had become an erotic ideal to the point that, according to analysts, the feminine archetype in film of the first half of the twentieth century was based on it , and factions of the actresses of success were similar to yours; until he came Greta Garbo.

unknown SEINE

Port du Louvre, Quai François Mitterrand –

today, if you visit the photo studio Chambré Edward Hardman Irish in Liverpool, preserved with how it looked in the first half of the last century, you can find the mask of unknown Seine on the wall of the waiting room, according to the English journalist Jeremy Grange, if you ask the guide who it is, it is possible that tell the story of a girl of the same Liverpool had eloped to Paris with a wealthy suitor in the late nineteenth century, and her twin sister had not heard of it until much later visited Paris for a vacation and found the mask of her sister while walking by the city: word of mouth about the tragedy of this young drowned has transformed over time into a legend

the unknown of the Seine in the narrative


the British writer Richard Le Gallienne was the first to use this story in one of his works, 1900, the tragic novel the Worshipper of the Image , without translation Castilian, in which a poet falls in love with the mask. And the Czech Rainer Maria Rilke mentioned in The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge , 1910, its unique and remarkable novel, “The molder I visit every day has two masks hanging next to his door. That of a young woman who drowned someone copied in the morgue because it was beautiful, because still smiling, because her smile was so misleading, as if he knew. “ The famous French-Algerian writer Albert Camus likened his mysterious smile with ‘La Gioconda’

in 1929, the Uruguayan Jules Supervielle published a story entitled, precisely, L’Inconnue de la Seine ; Viennese Hertha Pauli did the same in 1931, and the Croatian playwright Ödön von Horváth adapted to the theater in 1934; the same year, the great target=”_blank”> she published a poem about her, and German Reinhold Conrad Muschler offered an imagined for the young in his novel Die Unbekannte , life untranslated, which was transferred to the cinema in 1936 by Frank Wisbar ; and in the latter year, the Franco-German Claire Goll also wrote a story about the girl drowned.

The characters in a novel by French Louis Aragon , Aurélien , published in 1944, they strive to rejuvenate the mask different pictures; and when some read River , beautiful story of Argentine Julio Cortazar , it is impossible not to remember the unknown Seine. Much later, in 1998, the American John Straley invented a club with the name of L’Inconnue de la Seine for his novel without translation The Angels Will Not Care , which They came terminally ill to end their lives; and in 2005, the famous Chuck Palahniuk href=”” wrote about the unknown in his novel Ghost , where the model mannequin with her face is called Breather Betty.

unknown SEINE

Edition of ‘L’Inconnue de la Seine’ , Jules Supervielle –

the versatile Emilie Autumn , born in America, was inspired by the young drowned for character his novel the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls , 2009. the French-Algerian Albert Camus , author of the renowned alien , 1942, compared his mysterious smile with La Gioconda ; and intellectual Maurice Blanchot , who wrote works like The infinite conversation , 1969, or The moment of my death , 1994, was in power one of the masks, and saw the young “animated by a so relaxed and calm smile you might think he drowned in a moment of extreme happiness.”

more kissed the woman in history

But if it was not enough that the unknown of the Seine, now part of the art world as a curious anecdote, was found in front of the Louvre, there is another more appropriate paradox in this matter. Peter Safar , an Austrian doctor who pioneered emergency medicine, devised the method of cardiopulmonary recovery, or CPR , the mid-fifties of the twentieth century, method that is still used today; and thought he would not could use a doll to teach, so he asked the Norwegian toymaker Asmund Laerdal who fabricate . More than 300 million people to the time have kissed his face to be trained to perform the method of CPR

Laerdal saved his son from drowning years earlier, reliving the clear her airway, so he was very receptive to this proposal, for which used the new soft plastic that served in the preparation of their dolls. According counted, intended his CPR manikin shone a natural look and unthreatening, so I chose that was feminine and recalling the mask of unknown Seine was on a wall of the house of his grandparents, the chose as the face of the doll , a face, that of a young drowned, who have kissed more than 300 million people so far to be trained to perform the method of resuscitation Dr. Safar.

in line with this, it is appropriate to mention the ease with which we believe the stories they tell us, whether true or not, and how in 2001 demonstrated unwittingly British photographic artist John Goto, who proposed to invent href=”” their own history for the unknown Seine : in his fictional research , few clues led to one Harry Battley up shop Buenos Aires in which was found a carte de visite of the early twentieth century, which, with some other investigations led to the conclusion the dead which were removed from the river in Paris was Ewa Lazlo, a Hungarian actress murdered by her lover, Louis Argon, name very similar to the French novelist alluded that used the story of the unknown in 1944.

unknown SEINE

The face of the unknown Seine for CPR mannequins –

not only a number of websites and blogs believed that this story was true , and published facts as such, but even at a symposium on the heart that took place in London a work that “tells the story of Ewa Lazlo, who became the inspiration for the face of Resusci Anne, showed the first dummy CPR training and kissed the world “ girl. Given this, Goto expressed surprise: “I assumed that people would have a post-modern vision and treated as fiction,” he told Grange. “I really expected to be taken seriously”. And, after all, what one question is whether the poor unknown Seine fantasized ever that would become as famous as it is today before jumping into the river


The woman kissed history
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March 25, 2016

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