The year in which the nostalgia returned to us by the vinyls: their sales grew 8%

Sure that on more than one occasion you’ve heard the classic phrase ‘All returns’. And what is true is that this is-almost always – the truth.

Thanks to technology, today we can jump from one musical theme to another, from one artist to another or from one gender to another simply by clicking in the screen of our phone. Gone are those times in which listen to a vinyl it was all a process of worship, from unwrap and get it out of its case to clean it, put it on the turntable and put the needle at the beginning of the disk.

Many believed that with the emergence of music services in streaming as Spotify, is Amazon Music or Apple Music the physical format, already in critical condition after hard blows previous struck by the reproduction MP3, would disappear.

however, you may be moved by a quality that is difficult to achieve with digital formats ultra tablets, you can that through the nostalgia or you may by the ‘postureo’, every time most bands opt for the physical format, especially the vinyl. So much so that, although little success has been achieved in sales of this type of formats outweigh those generated by digital downloads, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The report made by this association says that these old physical media earned more money for the labels americans that the digital downloads in 2018, although these revenues have continued to decline sharply -it was admitted by physical formats 23% less than in 2017-.

For the more nostalgic, a good news: income per albums vinyl in 2018 amounted to 419 million dollars, which represents a 7.9% more than the previous year and the highest figure since 1988. This format has generated more than a third of the income from physical formats and sold 16.7 million units -a 7.2% year-over-.

compared with the format: CD, these figures are very positive because even though it is sold in this case 52 million units, in comparison with the previous year sales have fallen by 40.7%. And with respect to the income, earned 698,4 million dollars with the sale of CDs in 2018, 33.9% less than the previous year.

of course, the streaming and the giants as Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music are still the kings and will carry the 75% of the market share.

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The year in which the nostalgia returned to us by the vinyls: their sales grew 8%
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January 28, 2020

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