These are the safest countries in the world

These are the safest countries in the world

We look at what the safest countries in the world are according to the GPI (Global Peace Index).

One of the most influential aspects in the standard of living of the inhabitants of a nation is security. This is such an important pillar wealth, since its permanence ensures prosperity and, above all, a better socio-economic development. But What are the safest in the world countries? What are those shown further away from military conflicts, recorded fewer incidents internally and, therefore, are closer to the peace?

the GPI takes more than 20 different parameters and produces an index with the safest countries in the world to answer that common question, the resource most commonly used is GPI ( Global Peace Index ). This index is compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace and is backed by people like Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama), former US president Jimmy Carter or former secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan .

This index takes more than twenty parameters related to internal conflicts, national security and military activity. All of them, weighted, resulting in a final score that reflects the level of pacifism in the country concerned. The lower this level is, the more peaceful the country.

1. Iceland

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with a score of 1.148 in the ranking of 2015, Iceland ranks as the safest country in the world. And so it has been since in 2011 took the lead in the ( Global Peace Index ).

2. Denmark

safest countries world

Denmark is the second most peaceful and secure country in the world. Your score is only a higher than Iceland thousandths, standing at 1,150. Like Iceland, its position has not changed over since 2011.

3. Austria

 safest countries in the world

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Austria ranks as the third most peaceful and secure country in the world. With a score of 1,198 according to the GPI ( Global Peace Index ). In 2014, Austria also took third position, which rose from fourth place achieved in 2013.

4. New Zealand

countries safest in the world

the fourth country in this classification is also the first outside Europe . New Zealand gets a score of 1,221, a decrease compared to 1,236 that achieved in 2014.

5. Switzerland

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Switzerland is, according to the Global Peace Index , the fifth country in the ranking of the world’s safest countries. Your score is 1,275, allowing you to keep the fifth position he has held since 2013.

6. Finland

safest countries world

the seventh member of this classification of countries safest in the world-the sixth europeo- is Finland. The score is 1,277, close to 1,275 obtained by Switzerland.

7. Canada

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The first American country is Canada. This state, one of the most known for their security and peace-, manages to take seventh place in the Global Peace Index . Your score in 2015 was 1,287.

8. Japan

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The first country in Asia in this index is Japan. This state has achieved a score of 1.323 in the Global Peace Index , thus becoming the eighth in the GPI 2015.

9. Australia

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Australia is one of the big” surprises “of Global Peace Index 2015. Its score has dropped from 1,414 to 1,329 in the year, which allows you to climb from 15th position to ninth this index.

10. Czech Republic

countries safest in the world

the tenth state of this list of safest countries in the world is the Czech Republic. Your score is 1,341, about four hundredths less than the score achieved in 2014.

Within the Top 25 are Spain , right in the position number 21. Your score is 1,451, about three tenths higher than the figure obtained by the leader of this index safest countries in the world. To find Mexico is necessary to descend to No. 144 of this index, where we find him with a score of 2.530. Two places above find a Venezuela , with 2,493 marks (more than double the safest country in the world).

Argentina instead , gets deep into the top 100 Global Peace Index with a score of 1.865, taking over the position number 60. However, the GPI 2015 representing a decrease compared to the index published in 2014, where Argentina won at number 43.

the two major world powers fail to enter the top 50 .

United States and China , the two major powers in the world, are in positions 124 and 94, far from the top of the index. UK , meanwhile, achieved the number 39 with a score of 1,685. Germany , another major European and world powers does manage, however, enter the stalls first twenty thanks to a score of 1,379 that allows you to win at number 16.

at the other end of the index -the less secure countries in the world are Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and North Korea. they are all, to eyes Global Peace Index , the most insecure countries in the world.


These are the safest countries in the world
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March 12, 2016

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