These maps will completely change your perspective on the world

These world maps data reflect different society in which we live. Many of them will change the perspective we have of the world.

The worldview that human beings can kept inside is undoubtedly conditioned by their environment, their experiences and knowledge acquired , as Plato already identified in the famous myth of the cave-which served to link and show some of his philosophical ideals -.

But when a series of structured data consistently make an appearance before our eyes, these preconceptions begin to vary. the following maps of the world (courtesy of Metrocosm ) seeking just that. show society in a way that we could never even imagine

in this map we can see how blue region is occupied exclusively by only 5% of the world population . By comparison, that same percentage is living in small red dots around the world.

This new map shows the percentage of people who are recruited by DAESH (Islamic State) to the population of Muslims. This map highlights countries such as Finland, where 0.1667% of its Muslim population (about 42,000 people) has been recruited by Islamic State. It is followed by countries such as Belgium, Ireland and Sweden, states that would hardly linked to the naked eye with recruitments DAESH.

cast population worldwide.

These maps show the world how 50% of the world population and exclusively occupies only 1% of the total territory . The yellow region represents that group. Based on this map, it makes sense that the planet has enough space to accommodate the more than 11,000 million people expected over the next hundred years.

world Wealth .

World Population

cast World GDP.

Births globally.

 world maps

Number of billionaires per country.

Debt governments worldwide.

These seven maps represent the impact of different nations on issues such as global GDP, government debt, population, birth, wealth or the number of billionaires . On these maps, variable area has been modified by a coefficient based on its impact on all those magnitudes

This animated world map represent the concentration of the population in different regions of the world. In the nineteenth century, most of the population concentrated in Europe and Asia. During the twentieth century, the cast began to balance by increasing population in America. In the XXI century, Asia remains one of the regions with the highest population density, while levels have been balanced in the other regions. In 2100, population is expected to increase exponentially in Africa and decrease drastically in the other regions.

This map represents the percentage of the Muslim population expressing favorable opinions regarding DAESH (Islamic State) . In Syria, central country of the conflict and one of the areas with the highest presence of the Islamic State, has the highest percentage: 21%. Tunisia and Nigeria followed with 13% and 14%, respectively.

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones seen from the south pole.

hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons as seen from the north pole.

This game world maps show all hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons that have traveled the Earth’s surface 1850 . According to the color intensity, we can see a more intense or less color. We have two different views, one in the northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere.

Finally, the last map of the world is on the distribution of the Spanish population , very polarized between large urban centers and rural regions. The blue area on the map represents 50% of the Spanish population. Little red fragments, the same percentage.


These maps will completely change your perspective on the world
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