These would be the experts hired by Apple to create your car

These would be the experts hired by Apple to create its car

A large and full of talent from many fields of automotive equipment.

There have been some very crazy days after the filtración WSJ in which it was reported that Apple was working on his own electric car. In this leak was followed by thousands of articles from analysts and editors giving his views on the matter with reports on war contracts between Tesla and Apple. Speculation is tremendous in the last hours and is difficult to filter the noise.

9to5mac, who has a great record of leaks certain thanks to Mark Gurman sources, and have collected, through research and sources, a list of employees hired specialists in various fields related to the automotive world

The key research. Clearly, after the long list of new employees and their jobs, we can deduce that Apple is developing something ambitious, can not simply be a version of CarPlay, goes beyond software , as there are several employees from Tesla, Ford and more companies or production areas very close to the world of the car.

In fact, according 9to5mac , most names the list will reportarm besides being in charge of the team leader Steve Zadesky, come from the world of motoring and have come to Apple in the same time slot in which it was reported that Tim Cook approved the draft of its electric car, the Titan project.

 zadesky The group of Steve Zadesky : The WSJ reported ago few days that a team of hundreds of employees would be working on an electric car which was led by Vice President Ford, Steve Zadesky. One of the key hires revealed last week was former president and CEO Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Johann Jungwirth, but they are also some of the other key team members of the company who were hired from outside to join the team:

rober gough Robert Gough : One of the most recent hiring of Apple, who joined the team in January 2015 from Autoliv, a company that designs security systems for cars like seatbelts and airbags. According to his LinkedIn was the chief designer at Autoliv security technologies.

David Nelson : an engineer working until recently in Tesla hired by Apple this month. According to his LinkedIn, Tesla worked as a mechanical engineer for leading a charge of modeling, prediction and verification engine performance and efficiency sy equipment. The high reliability and assurance of things created were the maxims of his team

Pete Augenbergs . The design manager Pete Augenbergs Apple entered from Tesla. The WSJ report stressed that Zadesky had permission to create a team of 1,000 people for the project, making a “poaching” of employees from other companies. There is a fairly extensive profile businessinsider I invite you to read.

Hugh jay-apple-01 Hugh Jay : was a mechanical engineer EMCO Gears transmissions, specializes in the sale of axles and transmissions company. Among the works of Jay before joining the team at Apple are designing an electro-pneumatic gearshift closed circuit system, work on an entire product lifecycle two engines transmissions, 27 boxes of commercial exchange Several of aerospace vehicles and various defense products. A lot bigger than most senior engineers portfolio.

 john-ireland-apple-01 John Ireland : previously, senior engineer responsible for the powertrain in Tesla since 2013. Before joining Tesla, worked as an engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory researching improvements in batteries and energy storage

Mujeeb Ijaz : currently working on the draft Zadesky, from A123 Systems, a company that develops advanced nanopotasio batteries lithium iron phosphate energy storage systems by web page. Its products include batteries for hybrid cars. He acquired several roles in their company, being CTO, VP of the division of cell batteries, and director of the Automotive section before entering Apple

Important:. A123 recently filed a lawsuit for unfair competition, claiming that Apple had” hunted “to its employees to develop a large battery division scale

Rui Guan :. before entering Apple in October 2014 as a hardware engineer in the timeframe in which Cook adopted draft electric car, Guan was an engineer broadcasts Ogin a company developing wind turbines and other “clean” technologies

Al Golko :. engineer and responsible for developing the iPhone and the iPod from its entry into Apple back in 2009. Before that he worked for Motorola. He has been working on iOS devices so far, but currently is under orders Zadesky.

 david-Perner-01 David Perner : Another engineer who originally worked for Ford. Stresses operation in hybrid vehicles of the company. Among its projects is the adoption of a new transmission for hybrid car Ford, F-150 improving existing models based on combustion by LinkedIn

 jim-cuseo-apple-01 Jim-Cuseo : Apple has been working since 2010 as head of product design in the iMac. Still has unique experience in the automotive world as it was chief engineer at MIT Motorsports, Engineer Research and Development in Ford and engineer in MagCaninca designing electromechanical sensors die.


Lauren Ciminera : Apple entered in September. He was responsible for recruiting engineers in mechanical and industrial manufacturing in Tesla, so their role in the project of Apple seems to be the same

Sawyer Cohen :. Engineer control before entering as a mechanical engineer to work on the Apple iPhone since 2010. Cohen is one of the engineers who work in the range of Apple products is contributing today with the Titan project.

Phil Hobson : senior design engineer at Apple since 2004, has been designing various products of the iPod family, being responsible for the tools, manufacture and assembly of products through production ramp <. / p>

Brian Lynch : director of product design Apple iPod since 2009, joined the company in 2000. Lynch is another employee working under the orders of Zadesky .

Kurt Stiehl : Apple since 2007, has worked in product design accessories products iOS 5 years before being Manager of product design From 2012

Dillon Thomasson . leading design engineer at General Dynamics, Thomasson has joined the group of Zadesky after spending eight years at his former company, specializing in products for defense and aerospace vehicles.

We do not know if the car will be released, but they are working on an electric car and not some software is, by now, clear .


These would be the experts hired by Apple to create your car
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February 19, 2015

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