They are not smart watches, watches are stupid

The phenomenon smartwatch is here, everyone is on the table waiting for the last diner (Apple) and start smartwatches see everywhere. While it is true that Android oriented manufacturers have been the first to gamble (without much noise) seems the moment is this. We’ll see if Apple revolutionizes the sector or whether it is simply jumping on the bandwagon, this time have a hard time because they come late and we have no Jobs.

Good but not writing to talk about this, for me the phenomenon smartwatch started years ago. There are three brands that have not been in the IFA 2014 evolving and leading the field of smart watches since some few years. Are Garmin, Polar and Suunto. Last week everyone was talking of 360 , Samsung, Sony, and Apple but LGs revolutionary step was the launch of the Suunto Ambit 3 (pictured seems an innocent clock). A clock with accelerometer, compass, barometer and Bluetooth communication. It is a product for people who love sports outdoors ready for the most demanding athletes but I’ve seen on the wrist of an executive suit.


As Android manufacturers see revolutionary passing information to the watch not having to remove the phone from his pocket, Suunto, what is revolutionary is the opposite: pass clock information to mobile in real time. While the Ambit displays notifications like any watch with Wear Android.

While accepting a day of life for a smartwatch Android, Suunto holds 50 hours with active GPS and 30 days showing the time . Nor is it relevant counterparts Garmin (the 910XT and f? Nix2) and Polar out there.

As we sell the smartwatches are water resistant, Suunto, Garmin and Polar are submersible to 50 meters or 100 meters .

The Ambit 3, you can also install applications that allow us to use the entire sensor system clock for the purpose they want. Suunto sensor system has much more than any smartwatch android market. For example we can predict the weather is going to do (and alert us if we are in danger of mountain storm) thanks to the barometer. And countless more opportunities as measuring heart rate or daily activity. Even lead us back home.


For me, what we are calling smartwatches watches are stupid, are mere terminals to a central server It is the mobile phone. Do not forget that , by definition, is a system of notification hey, the clock is a terminal, a stupid terminal. And also do know that the latest models of Garmin and Suunto.


What about the screen? Make touch screen 2 inches only serves to give the ok and keep it locked at all other times. For that, the better a side button of a lifetime. I do not see, makes the product consumes battery and shortens the life of the watch. Do not forget that the day the screen … not going to buy another. Do not worry that is sure to be a new smartwatch every 6 months to fill your need to use

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They are not smart watches, watches are stupid
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