They are sales failure Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Are sales failure Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Rise of the Tomb Raider came last week and sales after its first week in the UK have set off alarms . We analyze the reasons

Rise of the Tomb Raider , the sequel to the reboot of the franchise that we saw in 2013, came last week to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Feelings pointed to was one of the most anticipated games of a year that is very expensive and noted that, qualitatively, the work of Crystal Dynamics was a step forward in every way, materializing a large and ambitious project. But what the figures

say? The game has sold less than a third of what it did in the same period, the previous delivery. Why?

Tomb Raider (2013) sold three times more than its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider

Of course, if we analyze the numbers and compare them with those of the previous delivery, talk of failure would be extremely rash ; if three platforms totaling more than 200 million users in 2013, sold 186,000 copies in its first week, it should not be a negative thing now join around 60,000 units sold in a park of consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360) bit less than one hundred million consoles. We talked, I repeat, copies sold in its first week on sale. Furthermore, as the Spanish markets were not many businesses that went on sale the title until last Friday, without having yet reached its first week on sale.

The problem comes when, as in 2013 Square Enix openly declared that the sales figures of reboot of the franchise could be regarded as a failure . It is worth remembering that the other two titles published by the company, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs, also remain far from being as bestsellers. Clearly, then, that may not be happy with the figures for a game that, according to apparently be relied on more expensive development

 Rise of the Tomb Raider 3

What was the problem with Rise of the Tomb Raider? Of course, the quality of game is not. If the title two years ago was a remarkable adventure game that could stand up to any game genre and, above all, getting their own identity, the new title of Crystal Dynamics is a more and better throughout rule in which, above all, has been taken into account the feedback amateur. As if that were not enough, even the Xbox 360 seems to maintain the type commendably.

If you look at the figures, the temporary exclusivity should not be synonymous Sales lower

Many point to exclusivity with Microsoft as part of the problem and although, obviously, the figure would be higher if the simultaneous launch on all platforms Xbox One has about fifteen million users, a negligible figure. Also gained good traction this year with a price cut, a powerful and varied exclusive list, backward or new user interface makes Xbox One console to have more and note that should not harm level figures launching a franchise like this . For context, Splatoon reached 1.62 million units sold after only a month in a console with less than ten million users At launch the game. We recall, among Xbox 360 and Xbox One account for nearly one hundred million.

So, the problem is none other than Fallout 4 . Or rather, how Square Enix and Microsoft have failed to react to the movements of Bethesda and statism has “condemned” them . The temporary exclusivity Rise of the Tomb Raider seemed, in its announcement, a movement whose clear objective by Microsoft was to have a p intellectual roperty able to compete with Uncharted 4 that was planned would be launched at the end This 2015 . Later, after changing project managers, Naughty Dog confirmed the delay of the game and Lara Croft was “alone” in the final stretch of this year. From Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics Microsoft rubbing their hands.

And then came Bethesda . It had been seven years since Fallout 3 and almost four out of its great success, Skyrim and to conclude an exemplary conference announcing that Fallout 4 come in just five months, on 10 November. The movement, of which should be taken as an example , he lit a machine hype that has not stopped working and, today, it is at its peak. It is virtually impossible not to be bombarded with news, guides, tips and curiosities of Fallout 4.

This, to some extent, was completely expected and is not surprising. It is striking that a franchise that had never come so the general public, is moving sales figures of real scandal although, and this will also talk, this is the worst game valued by means of history Bethesda Game Studios.

It is incomprehensible why no immobility and responsiveness of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics Microsoft. Not the first time a game delayed or better for players , forward its launch to coincide with a heavy weight or to take a somewhat less congested season. Here we have the case of Dying Light, a new IP without a developer or promotional campaign behind it did not take long to reach a whopping one million copies sold after being released in March where competition had little presence. I still find it very strange, therefore, that Microsoft and Square Enix does not agree to the advance release a few weeks and, in turn, releases raffled other heavyweights like Black Ops III or Syndicate Assassin’s Creed .

 Rise of the Tomb Raider

I eventually should matter to any player and amateur sector is that Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the best games of 2015 and all essential for those interested in the series or the genre of adventure. No longer a shame, then, that such a resounding project has had such a warm welcome when, in addition, this could have avoided a thousand and one ways. Hopefully the sales trajectory will crescendo and then coming to PC and PlayStation 4, band enough for us to see Lara Croft in the relatively near future. Both Crystal Dynmics the players deserve it.


They are sales failure Rise of the Tomb Raider?
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November 17, 2015

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