They report that the algorithm of recommendations of YouTube promotes denial of the holocaust climate

The civil organization of a global Avaaz has reported Thursday that algorithm YouTube promotes disinformation with regard to climate crisis, especially when recommending the video “following” the user.Through a report, Avaaz examined the videos that YouTube recommends to its users when looking for the terms “global warming, “climate change” or “manipulation of climate” in the platform, and specifically focused on the videos to YouTube later suggests to its users in the suggestion bar both the mobile app and on the web.The algorithms and the recommendations on YouTube are responsible for around 70 % of the total time that users spend on the platform, and are “feedback loops” of preferences of the viewer, so that if a person is interested in content holocaust denier on climate change, the trend of the platform is to direct you to more content of this type.This way to redirect the traffic from YouTube has already been reported previously for profiles relevant for the public opinion, or even the same youtubers, especially with regard to the proliferation of the “facts alternative”, the disinformation and the rise of the extreme right in united States and Europe.According to the report by Avaaz with respect to the climate crisis, 16% of the first 100 related videos for the search term “global warming” contained misinformation, with an average of more than a million views per video in the top ten.For the related videos recommended to users who searched for “climate change”, this number is equivalent to 8% and rises to 21% for the search term “manipulation of climate”.The coordinator of campaigns of Avaaz, Julie Deruy, reported that YouTube is the channel of media the world’s largest and “you are promoting content desinformativo on climate change among millions of people while our planet is on fire.””It is not a matter of freedom of expression, it is the advertising free that YouTube is giving him to videos that contain erroneous data with the risk of confusing people about one of the greatest crisis of our age,” he said.For Deruy, the conclusion is that YouTube should not submit, suggest, promote, advertise, or direct your users to content desinformativo”.In addition, Avaaz has put the spotlight on the advertisement that precedes the video with misinformation, and ensured that there was ads of more than 100 companies circulating next to the videos of disinformation on climate change discovered.Brands such as Samsung, L’oréal, Decathlon, Carrefour, WWF, Greenpeace Spain, Nikin and Ecosia confirmed to Avaaz who were not aware that their ads appear next to these videos and have required YouTube to take “immediate measures”.In addition, the organization has made a series of recommendations to YouTube for which “detoxify” their algorithms recommendation and to “put an end to the promotion of free content desinformativo”.In this way, they have been called to exclude these videos from your algorithm recommendations, “starting immediately for the videos of disinformation about climate change”.They have also called desmonetizar disinformation and YouTube work with independent monitors to report to the users that have seen or interacted with information proven to be false or misleading, as well as publish corrections next to those videos.
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They report that the algorithm of recommendations of YouTube promotes denial of the holocaust climate
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January 16, 2020

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