They steal more than 300 iPhone X in San Francisco a day before the sale


iPhone X

More than 300 iPhone X, the new smartphone of Apple, were stolen on Thursday in San Francisco (USA) a day before your departure to the sale, as reported by the media specialized in technology CNET.

Three hooded stormed a van messaging, which was parked in front of an Apple store to which I had to deliver 313 equipment of the new model iPhone X. The Police said that the coup took place between 11.15 and 11.30 in the morning local time (18.15-18.30 GMT). The total value of the goods stolen exceeds 370.000 dollars, and the thieves have not been arrested.

The iPhone X, will go on sale this Friday in 55 countries, is a big bet for Apple, especially for the high price, that amounted to $ 999. Among its major developments, highlights by extending the touch screen to delete the frames, by removing the traditional start button and have facial recognition.

Although there will be a limited number of devices at the physical stores of Apple to people willing to queue for hours the high demand for the new iPhone and the difficulty to elaborate, a complicated manufacturing that has already caused delays in their manufacture, could lengthen the delivery time for their buyers even until December in some countries.


They steal more than 300 iPhone X in San Francisco a day before the sale
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November 6, 2017

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