Things not to do with your Android: overclock the 8 cores of a SGS4


Want to know a fun way cargaros SGS4 your 8-core? Well, this is what has made the hacker DSWR: tweak the kernel for 8 core your SGS4-i9500 overclocked are active and both , allowing obtain a frequency of 2 , 8 GHz . Indeed, the result has been burnt motherboard .

DSWR himself explains the process (note, in English):

My main

focus has been towards the twin processors though. As some of you maybe aware, the five octa-core Exynos chip is technically a 1.6GHz Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 1.2GHz. THEREFORE This means we technically have not got the output power of Snapdragon 600 variant at 1.9Ghz. I’ve been running octa-core and quad-core variants of this phone side by side. Although technically the snapdragon 600 Should technically be more powerful and more economic Also, I’ve finally managed to beat the 1.9GHz of the Snapdragon on an octa core version. Originally, I managed to overclock the octacores A15 to 2.0Ghz. After much research I then Looked into what many have Mentioned on the forums. “Is there a way to get Both processors going at the same time” entially, have a true octa-core processor running. I found a few flaws in the system trying to do this. First problem was the requirement to get them to work along happily. These cores would NEED to run at the same frequencies. I found out That You Could infact get them on the same frequencies with a single bit of underclocking. Forcing the A15 to run at 1.2Ghz and telling Both chips to run at a minimum of 500MHz at exactly 1000000-microvolts. Now that They would work in harmony together, I had to then get them both working together. I had simulate a way to make the phone think it was in power saving mode, so the A7 would power, and then Have the A15 working as well. Using a custom kernel, this actually worked, for a while, Sadly, the device itself did cook … half an hour after running. I think the problem was down to the voltage going through the cores at Such power, Especially seeing as the chips Both were running as it’s where Typically just one. Before actually managing to cook the phone (It was completely knackered, overheated, will strip the phone down sometime showing pictures of the disaster) I did manage to clock it on Geekbench at 2.8GHz. Hopefully I can do something about the phone, or even just buy another if required and release a couple of videos showing how I this was all done. I believe it was cooked as the A7 That said People Have To Have managed 2.6GHz on just the A15 alone. Please note, If I this was 2.8GHz Between Both cores, that’s only 1.4GHz per chip as Geekbench does recognize “8 cores” samsung before but ran only four of them!

So you know dear androids, do not do this at home.

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Things not to do with your Android: overclock the 8 cores of a SGS4
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July 7, 2013

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