This app collects the best funds of screen to camouflage the hole of the Samsung Galaxy S10

This app collects the best funds of screen to camouflage the hole of the Samsung Galaxy S10

One of the new most striking of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and s10e netbook is the screen bored. Dubbed Infinity-Or Display, this technology escapes from the notch conventional or drop-shaped and put the front camera in a hole located, in the case of the new Galaxy, in the upper right corner. And of course, the location gives play to the creative minds to design wallpapers that will take advantage.

All these wallpapers are collected, in their immense majority, in the subreddit r/S10Wallpapers and That means that the user must navigate both sites and find a background that is of your liking. However, Chainfire, the famous developer of SuperSu, has created an application called the Hidey Hole which combines all the images in one place for easy downloading.

A repository of funds for screens with holes

Hidey Hole

Hidey Hole is synchronized every hour with the subreddit r/S10Wallpapers and every six hours with the other website,, so that it is always up to date with the contributions of the users. Its operation could not be easier. The application has a timeline in which they are appearing all the images, so you just choose the one you like most and download it.

According to Chainfire, the app features an algorithm that rescale the image to set the background screen in the right place, that is to say, just where is the hole. This, he says, works quite well on Galaxy S10 and s10e netbook, but not on the Galaxy S10+. Be that as it may, you can always manually adjust for encarjar the image.

on the other hand, the scraper (the software that tracks the images) only works with photos that are uploaded to Reddit, or Imgur, that have the correct aspect ratio (19:9) and that, as a little, have a width of 640 pixels. The idea is to ensure a that some of the images that are in the application are good and look good.

Also, Hidey Hole incorporates a image editor basic to change the brightness, contrast and saturation, so you can modify it slightly before applying it as the background. And speaking of apply, from the application, you can set the image as background of start screen, lock, or both, so that you can skip a step.

The application only works with the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and s10e netbook and crashea when you try to install in all devices

the Hidey Hole is completely free, without ads or micropayments or crawlers. In addition, the code is available on GitHub. It is important to note that the app is intended solely and exclusively for the Galaxy S10, so that will not work on other devices and crasheará. In fact, Chainfire dice that will not fix it. Even so, you can always go to the subreddit or to the website and download them manually on your mobile. If you have a hole, surely all a matter of rescaling.

Hidey Hole

the Hidey Hole

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This app collects the best funds of screen to camouflage the hole of the Samsung Galaxy S10
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March 24, 2019

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