This curious device for bottles reminds you to drink water

In general, we always live employed. is so Much that we forget even something as basic and essential as drinking water. And in a technological moment in which there are bracelets and watches that tell us that we have been too much time seated, why not have a small gadget that you chive when you need to have hydration?

this is ‘Ulla’, a device that is suited to all type of glass or bottle and by using a series of sensors recognizes when you drink water and when not to.

If you have not done so for 48 minutes, this gadget reminds you that you need to hydrate and get through the blink of an eye -without making any sound, a point in favor to take it to anywhere.

you do Not even need apps or sign up in anything, just to be near the device for you to detect with your proximity sensor.

The headaches, the fatigue, the obesity and the weak immune systems were just a few of the problems I wanted to address when we started working to create it”, say from the web page the developers of the product, of Slovak origin.

The creators claim that 60% of the people forget to drink water and a hydration regular and helps reduce headaches, combat fatigue and increase energy. With ‘Ulla’ babies three times more water and become a habit. is “Never ever forget to drink water”, call on your ad.

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This curious device for bottles reminds you to drink water
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January 25, 2020

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