This is an engine that does not require liquid or pistons to run

This is an engine that does not require liquid or pistons to run

the dream of every manufacturer: an engine that does not need oil lubrication or because the pistons is necessary. It also has a very low maintenance, its size is much smaller than a conventional and fuel consumption is also quite content. Issue? Late because the electric car is here. Yes, it is the perfect engine for other applications.

Although the automotive industry is clearly shifting towards electric cars and autonomous mobility, is a broad sector covering many types of vehicles because not all customers will want an electric car, right? href=”” LiquidPiston confirmed that it has achieved outside the laboratory produce a small motor that does not require liquid or pistons, all a feat technical if we consider that never had been done.

This engine is characterized by a rotating design thanks to a non-piston configuration that leads to new limits the power-to-weight ratio. Its director, Alec Skolnik, we discovered their little secrets. We are facing a kind of Wankel engine, such as that mounted the famous Mazda RX but turned inside out with a design that solves the problems of the Wankel engine: sealing and fuel consumption. This means that this engine is more efficient and requires less maintenance.

Twelve years of work to make the first engine that does not require liquid or pistons.

Another important difference is that Wankel type engine has a triangular rotor inside a casing peanut-shaped but the rotor of the propeller shaped peanut within a triangular box . Besides the seals are at the vertices of the triangle and are stationary because they are in the box.

This engine is almost ready for the first tests of long-term, basic in the automotive industry. In the coming weeks you will begin a test in which you will travel over 160,000 kilometers. The efficiency of this engine is thanks to a relationship of very high compression and because the changing geometry of its internal cavities can be drawn from almost all the energy of the exhaust gases.

This is the perfect engine for lawn mowers, chain saws, hybrid cars, karts …

Create a new engine has an approximate cost of 450 million euros and the time from the stage where it is now this engine is about 7 years to see cars . Will we see in cars? Probably not since, although it has many advantages for manufacturers face a problem of maintenance, restructuring cars, training, marketing …


This is an engine that does not require liquid or pistons to run
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June 16, 2016

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