‘This is England’ 90 ‘closes the series on Channel 4 in England 80

In the last five years, Channel 4 and the director Shane Meadows have X-rayed 80 for a group of working-class youth in northern England through the number ‘This is England’ , one of the most acclaimed they have left the British television in recent times. But that will end radiography (a priori) this year, when the channel debuts the third and last time miniseries that mark, ‘This is England’ 90 ‘.

There will be four episodes in which the characters leave behind the days of Margaret Thatcher and will be introduced in the years of the raves and ecstasy, and in the UK They awaited with great interest. The two previous miniseries, ‘This is England’ 86 ‘and’ 88 ‘, received BAFTA awards and even won award for best miniseries’ This is England ’88’ , while Vicky McClure BAFTA took best actress for the first one. It is a case based on a movie that extends and enhances the legacy of the original film series.

‘This is England’, the film

Thisisengland The saga began in 2006 with the shooting de film of the same title, which led viewers until 1983 to follow Shaun, A boy of 12 who joins a band of skinheads that accepts it as if it were part of his own family, until the leader of the group (a truly racist and violent ) comes in and changes everything. ‘This is England’ was based on the youthful experiences of Shane Meadows, who lost his father in the Falklands war and found refuge in a group of skins .

The film was a critical success portrait of Shaun and few social expectations of young working-class then, and launched the careers of actors then not too well known, as Joe Gilgun, Vicky McClure and Stephen Graham. BAFTA for Best British Film It was in 2008 and consistently ranks in the list of most important bands of the British film industry, one of the best exponents of the islands’ social cinema. It was not strange, in 2010, Channel 4 wanted to continue the story of Shaun, Lol, Woody and others.

England in the 80

The TV seems to have found a new interest in decade 80, not as we saw in ‘ The Carrie Diaries ‘. In addition to ‘ The Americans ‘ and Soviet spies on US soil, the Sundance Channel and RTL have occurred this year ‘ Deutschland 83 ‘, the historia a young soldier East Germany that is sent to spy on a general west, and both series have in common with the ‘This is England’ series is its careful and realistic atmosphere.

‘This is England’ 90 ‘, Meadows ends his tour of a decade full of social problems in the UK , who have seen the film many times over, especially, of films focusing on miners ‘strike (the last one,’ Pride ‘). The three miniseries are a very interesting viewing to approach that time and a group of characters that are not usually starring the most successful British series outside its borders

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August 18, 2015

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