This is how some independent developers is carrying Half Life 1 to Android

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Late last year nos did echo that Valve had taken his Half-Life 2: Episode One Android , although he had done exclusively for Nvidia Shield. It seems that the community has not had enough with this approach, and a group of independent developers is already working to bring the first title in the series to all Android devices.

This is a group of Russian developers who has not been afraid to share your project with the rest of the community up the code to Github for everyone who wants to work with them on the mission to bring the first Android title of one of the most important sagas in the history of video games

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A work still in development

The project is still at a fairly early stage of development, but YouTube can find different videos that we already works quite fluid in most devices. One of these videos, which you can see in this blog belongs to Beloko Games, a company specializing in this type of developer ports.

In fact, the account Beloko Games was banned from Google Play for making ports of other games without the permission of its creators. But that has not made them pull back, and have decided to join the cause developing a system of touch controls that will be uploaded next week, and advising them on their way to try to raise the game once over to the App Store Google, if only temporarily.

The game can prove

Although the port is still in an early stage of development, anyone can enter the project page and download the apk to test on your mobile or tablet . However, to achieve this you need to perform the following steps:

  • Copy the valve folder with the game on your PC
  • Download the zip with extras and unzip the folder. valve.
  • Create a file called XASH in the internal memory of your Android.
  • Move the valve folder inside of XASH.
  • Restart the phone and play. For now should be able to be played with keyboard and mouse.

As we said, we remind you that the game still lacks to be done, especially with regard to the system of controls. But we promise not to take his eyes off this project to see how it will develop and warn you when there is any end apk ready to install and play the game without touching internal folders. Have any of you thought prove

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This is how some independent developers is carrying Half Life 1 to Android
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May 18, 2015

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