This is Slash, the keyboard like Google GBoard


The fact that Google has released a new and interesting keyboard on iOS before Android has created occasional stinging among the community of androids. Later tempers calmed down after learning that GBoard will Android más afternoon, but if you are a little impatient you can always try alternative .

For now, the alternative to Android GBoard more points to become your favorite until this Google keyboard comes to Android is Slash, a keyboard that is not new (it was launched in September 2015, also first on iOS) but allows you to do many things like GBoard and even better .

first, set it as default keyboard

first of all, Slash is an ordinary keyboard, so the first thing you should do is install the application from Google Play . Slash is Free without any integrated shopping, versions Pro or annoying advertising.

Keyboard Slash

Keyboard Slash 1.2.13

QR Code

once you have it ready, open Slash to be welcomed by the configuration wizard . The process is the same as any keyboard: Language and input enable it in and then set it as the default keyboard


Here the only thing you have to keep in mind is that Slash appears as” Android keyboard (AOSP) “which can be somewhat confusing. Activate your mailbox, confirm the popup window and return to the wizard. The next step is choose Slash as default keyboard , but remember that appears with a generic name.

Set Slash

When you have finished the installation, you can start Slash configure to your liking. This keyboard includes factory integration with a lot of interesting services like Giphy, Foursquare, Google, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia . If anyone does not interest you, you can disable.

Similarly, at the top of the window you will find the section My Slashes . This is not as “magical” as the rest of the application, but are simply keyboard shortcuts for quick answers . For example, you can use it to automatically write Hello good morning writing / hi


Touching the gear icon you access to more options including any classic keyboard. You can control automatic capitalization, sound and vibration when you press a key or shortcut bar that appears at the top of the keyboard.


use it in your conversations

you got ready to use. Note that although only 7 icons are displayed on the top bar of the keyboard (or none, if you’ve disabled), you can always access all integrations using the bar (or slash, hence its name), as is the case / youtube / gif and substitutes.


The operation varies slightly depending on which integration’re using. For example, in the case of images, videos and other results, you can type a search and choose from the results in thumbnails, while in the case of emoji panel selection is activated smileys.

a point to note is that Slash has certain system limitations . For example, as much as you use the feature animated GIF to send someone in WhatsApp, this application does not support sending GIF natively, which are displayed as a static image.

On the other side, with certain types of shipments experience is a little more complicated than usual due to the limitations of Android. For example, if you’re in a chat Telegram and you use the slash Sticker to submit to the conversation, instead of being sent directly receive the selection window chat .

Slash5 Although we would like, Slash you can not send the GIF directly without going through the selection window

in any case, with Android as it is today, Slash is a very interesting keyboard can increase your productivity similarly to Microsoft . HUB or the latest Gboard, compatible with most services, although without writing through gestures

In Engadget Android | Gboard is the new search engine Google keyboard-and has been released on iOS

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This is Slash, the keyboard like Google GBoard
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May 16, 2016

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