This is the device that allows you to know what you want to tell your dog

do Not you love to know what you want to tell your dog? again, the technology can help you with that: they have invented a device that measures the heart rate of dogs and on the basis of it assigns them a state of mind. Inupathy is one of gadgets most curious presented in the CES 2020, although for the moment it is only sold in Japan.You know well to your pet and you’re clear about that when it gets as crazy because they call the ringer is not expressing stress, but is excited by the visit of a potential friend that will cuddle for hours. You will want a lot but you get bored quickly scratch the touch the guts, to see if the new one is fooled a little bit more.But sometimes differentiate between anxiety or joy in a bark it may not be easy, for many years, who do you live with your furry friend.For this they have developed Inupathy: a device ‘wearable’ for animals that allows your dog to communicate with you. The harness –available in red, white, and grey, and several different sizes– shines in 5 different colours, according to the heart rate mean “relaxed” (green), “excited” (red), “interested” (yellow), “stressed out” (purple) or “happy” (multicolored).app in which the data is displayed also allows you to visualize the evolution of the feelings of your pet at the time, as it offers a history.“When a dog gets nervous, their heartbeat will speed up. This happens due to the activation of their sympathetic nerves when a dog becomes active. We have discovered the feelings of the dogs with more detail at the study and analysis of changes in heart rate of the dogs”, claim from the company that developed the device.From Inupathy ensure that the device you can help “to better know your best friend”. For example, you might think that seeing other dogs it generates anguish, and yet the barking that emits are of emotion.
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This is the device that allows you to know what you want to tell your dog
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January 9, 2020

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