This is the mobile more durable, 2019

Cameras with high resolution, battery durable, powerful processors… the reasons that lead consumers to decide on a phone or the other are varied. But there is a segment of the market that is the of the they want, first of all, strength and hardness. And in that field, the best of 2019 is the Dodgee S95 Pro, according to Andro4all.This phone has a screen 6.3-inch Full HD resolution+ aspect ratio 19:9, processor MediaTek P90, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB of storage, triple rear camera 48, 8, and 8 MPX, front-facing camera, 16 MPX, and battery of 5,150 mAh compatible with wireless charging Qi.But the strong of this phone is its hardness: it has a certified IP68 rating against water and dust, and a resistance that allows you to fall from two meters without breaking a few 100 times. Other features are the NFC chip that allows us to pay with the phone, wireless charging and a modular system that allows it to connect only with closer to a module battery, and another speaker to enhance the sound of the device.
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This is the mobile more durable, 2019
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October 26, 2019

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