This is the Will New? Sony strategy: expensive prices and delayed releases on the Xperia X range

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met during the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but we are still waiting to begin distribution. Sony has just opened reservations and put precio its new line Xperia X , which at the moment consists of three models: Sony Xperia X, Sony Sony Xperia and Xperia X Performance XA .

The first impression has been anything but positive. The Japanese firm has re-established high prices , above the average of each of the ranges in which it competes. The same high prices that led to its projection Z series to a tiny market share despite its undeniable qualities.

Is successful regeneration strategy or the same past mistakes that have led to this situation


Spain as an example of the fall of Sony

there is no better way to see the bad situation facing the mobile section of Sony to watch su account results. During the first quarter of 2016, the ‘Mobile Communications’ division made losses of 544 million dollars after reporting a 20% drop in sales over the same period last year.

Between January and March this year bought 3.6 million Xperia smartphones worldwide, such a low figure to be traced back to 2011 to find similar amounts. And that was another market, both overall volume and number of competitors to contend with.

Mercado Spanish 2015 2016

Another way to see her fall is by looking at its market share in Spain, a medium-sized country with a very high penetration rate. Thanks to data presented by ZTE, which fail to hide the anonymity of who is who, we can see how it has been his share loss progressive market.

Sony is represented by the green on this chart bar showing percentages depending on the number of units. From 2014-2015 half its market share dropped, from 15.4% to 7.6% . Much more visual is the trend of the monthly sequence, which begins in January 2015, when still retained 11.1% of sales, and ends in March 2016 only 2.9% of new customers.

Some have grown (the orange that expands without stopping is Huawei), others have deflated, but none has followed a path as the Japanese giant in this period, reminiscent in some ways to cases crash like Nokia.

Xperia X Performance, high-end price what specifications?

Although all bulbs are focusing on their intermediate model, which is the name given to all the serious, the which has better specs and also the most expensive is the Sony Xperia X Performance. Heeding the reserve price is 729 euros and is expected to arrive by early July.

Stands like one of the most expensive Android smartphones of 2016 , just below the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (819 euros) and HTC-10 (749 euros). However, it is above the Galaxy S7 (719 euros), the LG G5 (699 euros) and Huawei P9 (599 euros). That in the current market, because the difference is exaggerated to think importation from China of a Xiaomi Mi 5 or Meizu Pro 6

What has to justify that amount? Its 5-inch IPS panel and full HD resolution will have very difficult to compete in image against rivals or even qHD Super LCD 5 of HTC. In addition, although even stands out for its size even though the screen is the smallest.

Like all his rivals, riding a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and it will not be a differentiating factor, and he said there manufacturer más 100 devices are going to have . Furthermore, their 3GB of RAM, but must be sufficient with a good optimization software, to start ringing in these numerical midrange comparative that ultimately end up always out.

Of course, we have left their cameras . The combination of your lenses and new technology predictive autofocus looks good. But rivals such as Huawei and HTC have taken a step forward in this regard so that the differences are smaller.

Xperia Xperia X and XA blur the midrange

The question is always, if anyone buy an expensive smartphone by your camera. Because that seems to be the philosophy behind its next model and star of the line, the Xperia X itself.

This model will be the first to arrive, leave 629 euros in late May. Share design, screen, cameras and extras such as fingerprint sensor or rapid charging system of the house with his older brother. But difference is its ability to process because here down to the super mid-range . Riding a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 six-core Adreno 510 GPU supported by the same 3GB of RAM. They have not even chosen the Snapdragon 652, featuring a pair of cores more Cortex-A72, which is why we are opting most of its rivals.

 Xperia X

Nor is guaranteed IP68 certification, a very attractive element Xperia users have valued very positively, and that could mark distances with rivals. None of that, we are looking at what other brands are launching as “inferior version” but with more prominence. And much higher price.

Will you be able to face the new Huawei P9 Lite, which just introduced for less than 300 euros to change? And the LG G5 SE or 10 LifeStyle HTC? It is 200 euros more expensive than a Samsung Galaxy A5 (6) And what about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro , with which it shares many elements, which only costs a quarter of the change.

You start also compete with the best works of other companies as the BQ Aquaris X5 Plus , or the Alcatel Idol 4S give examples nearby. The worst thing is that it is a field in which MediaTek begins to move along with their Helio X20, and that is giving very good results in China.

Sony For the midrange as such is the Xperia XA, which It opens in June. And his reserve price is 329 euros. A very high number for a phone with a chip MediaTek Helio P10 and 5-inch screen with HD resolution. This smartphone even keeps the cameras of earlier models to have a very strong point with which to compete.

Sony hopes its brand image

 Xperia X 2

It is quite clear Sony is not here to compete by price . The Japanese continue to rely on its brand pull to ask for their smartphones as they see fit, whether competition has caused the price factor is increasingly important.

You can not argue that your promotional machinery can put the name of Xperia wherever , which has the potential to overwhelm a market if the elements are put face. They just do consoles, PlayStation 4 with a clearly dominant from the first minute, before having a consolidated catalog and a not very different from that of his great rival hardware.

That whole marketing strategy during the Mobile World Congress and also at a later date has been directed to promote the intermediate model and camera, shared with the high-end model also suggests that the first for them it is to position the line Xperia X.

the last to leave

There is another factor that is playing against Sony, the calendar. Although presented their smarthones while LG, Samsung and Xiaomi have not yet put any sale, they have even managed to make noise. Even HTC, with its strange strategy going forward.

Xperia Z5

So when the Xperia X Performance it is available for sale and many buyers have decided to renew with a model of competition. In the middle range rotation it is not so obvious because the catalog is cooling at all times thanks to the flood of companies that populate it.

That is why it is much harder to make noise with it, and this is why rivals have the top model as a media star and then another cheaper to attract customers with less budget. And not to raves as Sony just made a difficult move to understand, perhaps desperate to disappointment that a mobile as the Xperia Z5 has not had a better host .

The market takes more than a year passing sentence against him. With the abandonment of the X Xperia Xperia Z by it it seemed that something would change, but the strategy seems the same as ever with a little makeup. Luckily, Sony, the’ll need

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This is the Will New? Sony strategy: expensive prices and delayed releases on the Xperia X range
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May 5, 2016

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