This wallpaper Google allows you to know how much you’re using the phone using bubbles

This background of the screen Google allows you to know how much you're using the phone using bubbles

Google does several experiments to try to use less the phone. This is the point that arises with your well-being Digital, a tool integrated in a good part of the Android phones, and that allows us to control the time spent with them.

we’re Going to talk to you about a application which forms part of these experiments with well-being Digital, and that it has seemed to us curious. It is a background screen that will inform you about the activity of your phone. The more you use it, the more full will be your screen.

Controlling the activity using bubbles

as usual, control the use of the device or by the hour display section of the battery, or through the graphical use of well-being Digital. However, Google proposes a solution quite more fast and curious (although not so accurate). It is an application that installs an animated wallpaper.

Each time you unlock the phone, it adds a bubble. The goal, if we want to reduce the use of the same, is to end the day with the lowest possible number of bubbles

What is special about it? The fund is comprised of two elements (or hundreds, depending how you look): a black background and bubbles that are filling as we are using the phone. is Each time you unlock your phone, we will be adding a bubble. The background is taken care of, with a movement quite fluid, the bubble animations and well thought out.

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The thing does not end here, and that is that the bubbles have different sizes. The more you use the phone, the bigger the next bubble to add. That is to say, each bubble represents the time you spent with the phone in the previous release.

The goal is, at the end of the day, have the minimum number of bubbles, and not the full screen of the same.

If your screen is full of bubbles, you’ll know that you’ve unlocked many times. If the bubbles are enormous, you will know that you used a very long time. A different method, but enough visual to know if we use much or little the phone.

Google has thought of the energy expenditure

Image 2020 01 21 10 20 32 The fund is constituted by a bottom completely black and a few bubbles that only become animated after you unlock the panel

On the live wallpapers it is easy to think that your energy expenditure is excessive, but Google has thought about this. The background is completely black, so if you have an AMOLED screen, a large part of the pixels are turned off.

in The same way, the process of filling of the screen is also very simple, and is designed for don’t waste battery beyond consumption, which can cause the startup animation, which lasts more than a few seconds.

  • Unlock the phone
  • drop a bubble in the sky (from the top of your device)
  • The bubble is located at the bottom of your mobile
  • The bubble is static, along with the other

that Is, the background is animated when you unlock the phone, but once you have located the bubble that registers your use, everything remains static.

The application is available for any Android phone you use a version greater than or equal to 8.0 Oreo.

Activity Bubbles - To-Digital Wellbeing Experiment

Activity Bubbles – To-Digital Wellbeing Experiment

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This wallpaper Google allows you to know how much you’re using the phone using bubbles
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January 21, 2020

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