Thorough review of all the news from the new version of Spotify for Android

Thorough review of all the news from the new version of Spotify for Android

One of the streaming music services receives more famous now a total facelift in the new version. Spotify developers are stepping up and have decided to bring the interface with iOS to Android also bringing you some other new functionality. Although short, it is merely a cosmetic change for the better, as it simplifies use and improves user experience.

This cosmetic change was already on iOS but it was time to also look for users Android, which we also use Spotify and have our Premium subscriptions.

completely redone interface

left;”> The first thing you see when you enter the application is the new darker interface , with a more rounded new iconography and different font, more in keeping with the style of the interface. As far as the presentation is concerned, does look like blur the background giving it a curious twist that I personally like.

left;”> You can see images change yourselves. Now the bar where we show what is being played background but unfocused album cover and is slightly narrower than the previous version. The background is now black and the upper bar and the tabs have darkened , the label on which tab has are decreased in size and now have a look-up.

left;”> We still sidebar drop-down from the left edge or by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner. Here we will find new paragraphs with respect to the previous version. It will also have a modified background with a picture like we’re at a concert, with new typography and new icons.

Browse mode, playlists gender or successes / news

We explore mode that will offer smart lists according to our mood. We may also choose playlists genres as a Radio and see charts and news.

left;”> Once we enter this section of the application, we will find a huge list of musical genres from which to choose and we can make a playlist with music our taste. In addition, there are also lists as moods, so if you’re going to go out and want to motivate a little earlier, we chose one of the lists offered by Spotify

In the section Charts, we can choose the charts in many countries and know the songs that are successful outside Spain. On the other hand, in the news section, always at the last of the songs that go.

left;”> Now it was time for this section landed in the Android version because I find it very interesting.

Discover new music as you listen to the Discover Mode


The mode discovering shows you new songs depending on what we hear, “music to our taste.” Here we also find the songs that I have heard our friends have released new songs that people follow. I love this option on the desktop version and the order is for Android.

left;”> In this section we will show a multitude of songs suggested by Spotify s ccording artists we’ve heard. For example, if you have heard many songs by an artist, will show songs or albums from other artists of the same genre. I really really really like this so I was already in the desktop version because I can find new groups or artists who hooked.

Your music, your library


left;”> We will have the section “Your music ” to access music that we keep our devices from any of our library. It was already in the previous version but now with the new look.

you left;”> Within this section, if we want to show only the songs you downloaded it will have to press about where previously commanded lists here choose to show us only offline content or not. Of course we can continue ordering our name lists, most played and unclassified.

completely remodeled Player

In the section of music playback we find a radical change interface. Now the cover of the song takes up more screen and at the bottom we playback controls.

left;”> We left the name an icon to add song to our library and icon to the right for multiple options as Add to .. Share, Radio, Cola, Artist and others. In this window, top right we show an icon to see the list of queued reproduction, and if we have a queue with many songs, we can move directly to that we want to hear.. A not only merely aesthetic but with modifications that were needed and change

Adaptation immersive mode

Finally, it is noteworthy that the status bar becomes transparent and the application giving it a very nice result. Along with all the aesthetic change is really great.


left;”> No doubt that this more in line with current tastes and fashions in terms of interface aesthetic change was expected. For my taste, the change is for the better because I like this interface much more than the previous one, which was not ugly or anything, but Spotify have gone a step further by giving a twist its application for Android.

left;”> Application Google Play

left;”> And you, do you like the new interface?

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