THQ Nordic defends his strategy to avoid the fashions of the industry

Opt for the diversification and the recovery of classic brands.

THQ Nordic has argued that its strategy of development to increase its market volume is going to be based in create original proposals in time to join the fashion trends of the market. All the while, in addition, to recover old marks of the past.

Reinhard Pollice, responsible for business development and products at THQ Nordic, explained in an recent interview that they are working to acquire studies and brands that in the past were the property of the former THQ. I remind you that THQ Nordic is the ancient Nordic Games, who bought after the bankruptcy of THQ its name and many of its brands,, while others went to other companies or returned to the studies that had been created.

Pollice explains that although there is a factor of nostalgia to protect and ensure a future to these intellectual properties, they believe that it makes sense in terms of business and as a creative action.

“Are the games that we loved in the past”, explains the executive. “We believe that there is still space for them and us it seems that it is a pity that there is no longer just games as those on the market, so that when they present the chance of recovering the original, we’re going to create it instead of creating something new.”

“When we acquire something we see as primarily a perspective of creating games. what Is relevant? What is cool? What was unique when it was published? Do you have fans? These are important questions for us”, he says.

All of this fits into a general strategy of the company “With all the great editors fighting for pillar income with the game mode that is fashionable, makes the most sense for THQ Nordic that diversifiquemos our catalogue, offer something different, instead of risking putting all your eggs in a single basket, is also increasingly saturated,” he concludes.

THQ Nordic defends his strategy to avoid the fashions of the industry
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November 4, 2018

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