Three extrabajadoras sued Google for paying women less than men


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  • Ensures that Google has violated the Law of Equality of Payment.
  • The three plaintiffs left the company after being placed in employment at a lower level in relation to their experience and, therefore, with lower wages.
  • Google ensures that there is no wage gap by gender.

Three extrabajadoras sued Google for paying women less than men

Thursday 14 September, three former workers of Google filed in the Superior Court of San Francisco (California), a lawsuit against the internet giant for violating the call Equal Pay in effect in that state.

The plaintiffs claim that Google pays the male employees much more money than women for performing the same job or one very similar. In addition, make sure that they are denied opportunities of promotion.

The plaintiffs are Kelly Ellis, engineer software in Mountain View, 2010 to 2014, with a Holly Pease, who was in the company from 2005 to 2016, and Kelli Wisuri, a communications specialist and sales from 2012 to 2015. The three left Google after the company, according to them, the recolocase in positions of lower level, with the consequent lowering of wages, and were not allowed to promote themselves.

“women should have the same opportunities as men and receive equal pay by a substantially similar work,” said Wisuri in a statement.

The accusations are based on an analysis of the Department of Labor of the united States of 2015, in which it was revealed that there are large “disparities of compensation systemic against women in practically all the labour force”.

Google has said that it will review the lawsuit but it has already been shown disagree with the allegations central of the same, to make sure that there is not that kind of wage gap by gender.


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