Tinder launches its function of video chats

Tinder is launching in Spain two interesting features to reclosing with appointments in the flesh and bone be something less sudden, and you can also ‘reach”’.

“To enhance your experience by swipe from home before taking to the terraces” the platform launches a system of verification of photograph and a proof of videochat, because “in these times, in which the safety distance is in charge and start with your match can take a while to materialize, it is more important than ever to connect securely”.

The functionality Check photo ensures the authenticity of the matches by checking that the profile photos belong to their owner. “Using artificial intelligence assisted by human Verification photo compares a series of selfies in real time with the images that the user has posted on your profile,” explains Tinder in a press release.

The check-in process “it only takes a few minutes,” and the profile checked will show a tick blue “so that the members can rely on their authenticity to make swipe”.

the first test of The Video chat will come to Spain, and a number of other countries selected, this summer, say from the platform. And for our peace of mind report that “the team Trust and Safety of Tinder, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of users, was also the man who programmed this functionality”.

“To meet new people, it is important that you feel comfortable and have a safe experience”, and so Videochat “is created with some details that distinguish it from video usual”. Especially, you will not have to worry about it because you enter “unwanted calls”.

you decide when it is time to see you by video call. Tinder was a pioneer in allowing two users to talk only when both have been given like each other. The same goes with the video: is only enabled with your match when both decide that is the time.

“If the conversation flows and you’re interested in using Video chat, you can activate the video icon. But the functionality will not be enabled until the two activéis this icon”, says the press note. And in addition you do not notify your match if you have activated or not. Also, you can disable it at any time.

After you enable Videochat, those who use it must accept the rules of use of the platform, and when the call Tinder will ask how it has gone. You can send a report or to report any situation to the team of Tinder when the call has ended.

half of The users of Tinder in united States had an appointment for a video call with a match in the last month. And not only that: the 40% of gen Z plan to continue using the video as a way to decide if they want to be in person or not.

“to Connect face-to-face is now more important than ever, and our feature Video chat is a new way for people to get to know each other in the application regardless of the physical distance,” says Rory Kozoll, head of Trust and Safety Product of Tinder. “Videochat prioritizes the control of our members to help them feel more comfortable to take the next step in their chats, as long as they look good”, he adds.

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Tinder launches its function of video chats
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