Tinder, the application to link from your mobile


If you have already beaten the game Leisure Suite Larry and / or prefer to test with real people, you’re in luck, because you already have a way to do it. Tinder is an application that takes a while on iOS and it finally reaches our favorite operating system. The aim of the app is simple, flirt.

To be more exact the application works like Bang With Friends , but instead of Facebook contacts with other users does next, ie:

  • When installing the app we p edirá a Facebook account to enter (yes, no Facebook no Tinder). What’s more is displayed common friends Tinder users.
  • Then we display the closest users, with what results will vary depending on where you are.
  • Each user has a profile picture which we choose if we like it or not.
  • If we choose we like and the other user / a like ours, we are notified and we can chat and be for an appointment . If no mutual feeling, it remains anonymous and no ads.


As Bang With Friends is a help for those who do not dare to risk a friendship for something more, Tinder try to replace eyes game looks and typical bar : Now you know directly if he likes the other person. As always up to you to decide if this option is better or but that the “classic”. Feel free to leave your opinions about it in the comments.

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Tinder, the application to link from your mobile
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July 19, 2013

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