Tips sweep Battlefield Hardline

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We collect 5 tips or advice that will provide long life in Battlefield Hardline

Since one week we have between us Battlefield Hardline , the new spin-off of EA and DICE that leave the war behind the scenes to bring a police given the style Hollywood . Similar to other recent installments of the saga, in which the campaign is quite interesting, Battlefield Hardline has a way of telling the well developed in serial story worth giving a try despite its short duration. However, the highlight of Battlefield Hardline is in its multiplayer, which breaks with the dynamics of release points depending on previous deliveries to transform into virtual money that we have to be unlocked throughout our games.

Therefore, we wanted to have a series of tips or tips for Battlefield Hardline result of our experience with the game these days, which facilitate the rise of levels and raise money for starting, so that the multiplayer is much more dynamic . Some of these tips already be familiar to users veterans, but still does not hurt to have them on hand to take advantage of this holiday with multiplayer Hardline:

Make your enemies always

It seems an obvious question, but the fact is that lately I’ve found playing on several occasions in which only the enemies were marked by other players. This makes it much more difficult to win the game in depending on what type of game, so it is always advisable to mark enemies and our colleagues do likewise. If we take this tip to the letter, we will have much easier low, which in Battlefield Hardline translate into money, and therefore, experience, weapons and accessories available for our game. Ah, helicopters, motorcycles and cars are also enemies; mark will give us a tactical advantage since at all times know where they are from the minimap, so much easier to dodge or abate vehicles.

Tirolinas and conquer

The wall hooks and ziplines are some of the best accessories for conquest game mode. The truth is that until I saw the benefits of these accessories in a few teammates did not give me accounts of their advantages for the conquest mode. If we unlocked the zip line, we can strategically place two points on the map in Conquest to go quickly if we are losing positions. This is especially useful in small conquest where distances are very short and the pace is very fast. Use and leverages ziplines for this type of map. Also, if you usually play Dust Bowl, the zip line and support handles are the perfect combination to sweep the game.

Yes, gun you run more

One of the urban legends of Battlefield seems it is quite true in Hardline. Several Reddit users who have proven equipped to carry the gun in Battlefield Hardline increases our speed. Although this is not a significant difference in game modes like Crosshair where we will only armed with a gun if we are VIP, this increase in speed can be very significant to win the game. The truth is that in the times I’ve tried to run over the gun, the feeling is found, but actually the player is faster and is quite noticeable in the form of Blood Money, since speed is essential.

At first playing mode Hotwire

Hotwire is one of the modes of easier to make money in the early stages, allowing us up points and money just being a passenger in any vehicle to win the game. Furthermore, as is raised this gameplay, just requires coordination between teams, so it’s the perfect way to start playing. If in the end you decide to take a chance on Hotwire, remember that special vehicles such as tanker are easy to conquer , so start there and go up very fast level.

Queries always enemies

If you have enough skill to reduce the enemies, one of the stars of Hardline options is the ability to interrogate enemies and to tell us the position of the players on the map. This will be a breeze locate enemies and catch them by surprise while still appear in the minimap as red triangles. This option, alongside the brand’s enemies may be basic for modalities Rescue and Crosshair, because if we have the position of the enemy it much easier to locate and win the game.

What did you think Battlefield Hardline? Leave your tips and prepare another post with more tricks to make more profitable items

Tips sweep Battlefield Hardline

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