Tips when buying a sound bar to your TV – presented bysamsungespana

The sound bar category continues to grow in popularity, already strange that someone does not know them. And it is not fortuitous. They learned the greatest problem inherent to existing TVs: the low power of the speakers of our ultra thin TV and the big problem is in response to sound in the middle and low frequencies with small speakers. The fantastic sound bars, unlike the home cinema systems , do not need the space and process equipment installation with several speakers

The sound bars are born for a specific need. improve the quality of audio speaker TV a more elegant and compact than several separate speakers form factor. Not everyone has the ability or want to install a home theater system in each room watching TV. Sound bars substantially improve the quality of the speakers of a television, are becoming more stylish and have more features than reproduce the sound of the movies.

Number of channels according to your needs

You’ll have to decide how many audio channels need for your new sound bar. The number of speakers determines the category and price of these stereos, the most modest are 2.0 or 2.1 systems (two stereo speakers with subwoofer), a great alternative to small speakers in your TV. A sound bar two channels may be able to decode multi-channel Dolby Digital or DTS formats and remixing for two speakers, but will remain stereo.

The sound bars 5, 7, 8 or even 9 channels are designed to play any movie or multitrack song. channel speaker and design adjustments are used to bounce sound manner that achieves replicate the surround effect. It is depending on model, design and quality of the sound bar to obtain a satisfactory experience here. If the surround sound is your priority go for a sound bar only if you’re sure you can not install a home cinema.

Sound Bar with Subwoofer

Always choose a bar sound with built-in subwoofer. The improvement in sound quality, however modest model is very large. The bass response is better and everything will sound richer and body thanks to the possibility that the lower frequencies sound properly. In addition, there is now no excuse. The latest models of Samsung Sound Bar have a bluetooth subwoofer, so no you must have a cable into your living room, and all include it to have the best response at low frequencies.

Be clear about your priorities

You have to be clear about what you want to connect to the sound bar or you might need in the future. Therefore, before looking models, you think about what you’re going to connect and what connectors you will use. For example, do not want to buy a sound bar that only has digital audio inputs if you want to connect a DVD player with coaxial connection.

If you want your sound bar is also your stereo system in the living room or bedroom, I recommend you take a look at the sound bars with built-in bluetooth . They are a fantastic option: no wires, no friction, immediately. You can now find sound bars bluetooth at very competitive price

I have to emphasize the functionality of sound bars Multiroom Samsung. You can connect the system to create a music system throughout the house and be controlled mobile, allowing play the same song in every room or every room with a speaker or sound bar Multiroom.

The importance of a HDMI connection

Many bars sound, especially the cheapest, do not have this connection, but it may be very important to you. The inclusion of an HDMI not only gives you a further connection as sound input also allows video transport to your TV. If you have a Blu-ray player or a console, it is likely to send audio and video through the HDMI.

If you choose a sound bar and you have several devices connected by HDMI installation will be more complicated: you’ll have to split the audio connection and video, or connect all by HMDI and sound bar for optical digital output. I recommend that if you have multiple consoles or devices using HDMI you do with a sound bar if your TV is compatible with the HDMI Arc .

Forget the wired connection

Multiroom technology with Bluetooth PowerOn Samsung lets you easily connect the sound bar to your TV via Bluetooth. Achieving a sound system without any cables lying on the ground. And with such a connection, you can handle the sound bar with the TV remote, raise or lower the volume of both units with the application for Smartphone Samsung Multiroom Link , turn them off, etc. This connection is ideal for ease of paired, aesthetics and functionality.

  • The wireless connection depends on the model of the sound bar, not the Samsung Multiroom function.


Tips when buying a sound bar to your TV – presented bysamsungespana
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