To move files between Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, ftp, mysql, smugmug …

If you use multiple file storage services and we want to move data from one to another, we can use some tools that can help with the issue.

Download files to your computer and then upload them to other services is a slow, inefficient, and usually the connection between servers is much faster than we have available at home. Making that connection is the smartest, allowing copies of content between online storage services are performed without the need for an intermediary.

A few months ago I spoke of as a good solution for this issue, tool plans to merge with , the platform of which I speak on this occasion.

With Move can program copies be made in the future, tasks such as “ copy each Monday all ftp://blablabla/ directory to the folder Dropbox X “, “copy each day my Mysql database Box my account “or” Make a backup of my automatic monthly Smugmug photos to my Google Drive “by compressing files before sending, thus helping speed up the process .

In our panel we can see the status of jobs that are being made, and the slopes, with the possibility to create prints up to 10 gigs free.

When you open an account earn $ 10 credit, so we have as a transfer of up to 10 gigabytes of files. If you need more, we can buy gigas maintaining the same relationship. The solution is not cheap for business use (where we can be talking about hundreds of gigabytes per transfer), why make special conditions for such users (altering the ratio of $ 1 per gig).

There are many alternatives to this, but something tells me that, given the popularity of online storage services, clones start appearing over the next several months.

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To move files between Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, ftp, mysql, smugmug …
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August 2, 2013

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