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it’s been over a year since introduced WhatsApp blue double check but the dilemma of whether or not respond to a message once the other person has realized that what you read is still present. First devious tricks home so you do not get caught were invented, and then began to arrive some apps that let you read what I have commanded you without leaving any trace, as Shh or StealthApp .

And as the personal problem is not over, here comes another that brings the same proposal, how to read WhatsApp without the another persone hears that you have. His name is Hide Read for WhatsApp


The mechanism is simple. Each time you receive a message, the application sends a parallel to WhatsApp notification. Then you have two alternatives, open the official and display your message as read or open Hide Read and see what they want from you not report your activity.

This application takes the contents and displays them with a structure similar to the official chat organized by conversations and individual contacts or groups, applies to both . And once you’ve seen it in himself to leaf through WhatsApp disappears from the screen below. On the other hand stores multimedia files separated by type, and that itself is stored.

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Two versions different

as for permits, only requires access to notifications . There is a free version with advertising and other premium that costs 1.21 euros. But you can also get by from one to another inviting ten people. Spam among you, not abuse.

Like the others, function is read-only does not allow response from this incognito window . Of course it makes no sense to respond and at the same time pretend not to have read what I have told you before. But the transition from reading to writing is very well integrated. Simply click on the conversation Hide Read and takes you directly to that same conversation with the same user in WhatsApp.

It can be understood as a form of talk privacy and avoid feeling secure . But for that you turn off blue double check WhatsApp itself, which se you can do from the settings menu, and no longer have to worry anymore. If someone wants to read knowing when others but do not want to be seen then no longer talk about privacy, not for everyone, we speak simply of a particular behavior. And for those cases yes, these applications are much more useful.

Hide Read for WhatsApp Lite / Full

  • Price: Free / 1, 21 €
  • Developer: Generation Mobile App
  • Download Google Play

in Engadget Android | StealthApp is the application you want if you do not want to cotilleen WhatsApp on mobile , Shh, read your notifications WhatsApp avoiding double check blue

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To read WhatsApp without being seen, Hide Read for WhatsApp
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March 3, 2016

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