Today I used the worst phone I have ever tasted

Today I used the worst phone I have never tried

Because everything can go wrong forever.

If something did not expect this Mobile was having on hands a smartphone the title of “Worst smartphone I have ever tasted” will win. When something terrible happens so serious and so grotesque as it happened, fingers itch, the brains boiled and keyboard howls. The drums atronan and any minute that passes without recording experience seems an eternity. There I go.

It all happened when I was on the stand 6 of the fair. I just, one stand to another, I stopped when I saw the beach bar … Kodak . There were four samples smartphone that presented a few months ago, the Kodak IM5 , theoretically terminal designed for photography (of course) that works with a fork of Android. Because if we have learned anything from past experiences phones with forks Android is … “what can go wrong?”

But as a friend of mine says with a taste for the anthropological pessimism, everything can go wrong always .

I pick the base terminal protection and reaches the first surprise … this thickness is real? And this rough design? What paints a line of aluminum, apparently false, overhanging the rear? And above all … Why the hell has a 5-inch terminal release button in the center of the top, sunk on the housing? Has anyone used this and had the nerve to say he seemed comfortable? And I’ve not already on the screen.

 Kodak IM5 09

 Kodak IM5 08

The switch on and was impressed by their sharpness and color definition. Kodak has been very attentive to anyone who feels this moment can dazzling rich optimal contrast and saturation. This is what I saw:

 Kodak IM5 01

Well, I guess this is what you get . Unlock the phone with the usual slip and reaches the first surprise. The only thing on the screen is a text that tells me you log into Facebook (what a coincidence, I deleted the account a month ago, if I had known that this phone was going to ask this to me I delete earlier) to show on the lock screen my photos and my friends. I do not know how to get out of this maze of a single cell. It’s with the “back” button. On with the tunnel of terror.

At that moment a friendly hostess Kodak asks me if I need help appears. I say no, I’m taking a look unpretentious. So all I indicates that their cameras are 13 and 5 megapixels. I callus believing that it will give me some more information. Only makes a face “because I do not have much more to say …”. Ok, moving on. Now with the above, very friendly, again, looking out from behind what I do with the Kodak.

When I finally get to go to the main screen, I think I’m with the kids mode, or elderly mode, or something, but not before a screen “real” for as difficult as the mobile phone market. Giant, ugly, illogical and harmony icons. The display, 5 “IPS 720p is bad wildly.

 Kodak IM5 02

Come the Magnifier? The application tried out of curiosity … Turns out it’s the camera, but with slider to zoom …

 Kodak IM5 11

When I access the applications menu directly my heart sinks at the feet.

 Kodak IM5 03

I guess fruit of my face stupor, and the stewardess came to ask if everything was ok and if I wanted a drink, to which I replied quietly that” Sorry I’m not hungry “I did not have the head for more. He withdrew to one side and continued watching my “test” being faced by the statement of income. I kept testing the Kodak. At that point I said to myself “come, I look strong, I feel like He-Man … we will open applications “

Oh …

Kodak IM5 04

Several error messages and crasheos then think this a joke has being a terminal failure test I’ve taken. I leave it in its base and grab the next. Same feelings, same conclusions. New Dogs, Old Tricks . I think if the protagonist is actually the camera, the experience around the photo, we will allow ourselves of missteps and we will go there. Pulse the camera icon and … Are not you guess?

 Kodak IM5 07

Respite . I again pressed. Takes. Finally, the chamber is opened. I frame, press the shutter button and … [scary music] .

Kodak IM5 06

Until that time was having more patience with Kodak Mr. Miyagi to catch a fly with chopsticks. When the camera twice failed me directly they wanted to mourn. Finally I could do some test shot, but there was any way to send an image Never any other manufacturer made me feel a bad experience with a terminal. Kodak intends to live your brand rather than strengthen it, and that has a destination as evident as dark. taken with the camera to open it on your computer and judge fairly, so in all honesty I would say that I can not build a real opinion about your camera. Is all I can say. About the terminal: never had a bad experience with any other terminal . Even with those with a price five times less.

The Kodak IM5 has 1 GB of RAM and a Mediatek 6592 1.7 GHz processor, eight-core, Android 4.4 KitKat. Make no mistake: this disaster is not the fault of GB of RAM, or the Mediatek, or Android. It is because of a null optimization and aberrant indifference to what is a product that has little value . The $ 229 price recommended will make clear where this terminal: wanting to live a legendary brand, Kodak, rather than strengthen and add value. I say goodbye to the stewardess with a “thank you and good luck” full of meaning, perhaps only he understood that he wished luck for the remainder him in the MWC. . As a poet wrote the Venezuelan Gustavo Pereira, “there is a time to lie down to think and time to burn”


Today I used the worst phone I have ever tasted
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March 2, 2015

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