ToFirstRound women are more successful than men undertaking

Women are very successful undertaking but do not dare to give step

First Round celebrates its tenth birthday with the publication of a balance of all its operations over the past decade. For them women entrepreneurs are more successful than men, but many are hesitant to take the first step.

The venture capital firms get older, and that translates experience and particularly in increasingly consolidated data. In this case, First Round , which focuses its investments mainly in the United States, celebrates 10 years operating in the market and he wanted to celebrate with the publication of some data covering impressions of this fund over a decade.

Many have been its findings, although most issues already confirmed we could imagine. These include the 25 year-olds are the most undertake , that the success rate is higher when education levels are more specialized entrepreneurs or teams with at least one founder who leaves Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have 160% more successful than other startups. The latter could be greatly drag effect and its curriculum.

63% of women but only succeeds undertaking launches 10% No But the most striking result refers to women entrepreneurs . According to the study, the investments were intended for startups with at least one woman as part of the founding team have had a 63% more success than those who only have men in their equipment being further three of them among the top 10 investment officer at First Round in the last decade.

But these statistics are faced with what we have read in recent months regarding women in the world of entrepreneurship. Various platforms, including Startupxplore reveal that between 80% and 90% of Spanish entrepreneurs are men , and only 20% of them holds a position of leader. problem that María Benjumea also has faced South Summit in 2015.

Then why this dissonance between success and dedication ? Cultural traditions and stereotypes about the role of women, the legendary speech that these have a negative trend towards competitiveness and little inclination for women to pursue careers in the technology industry. But above all, the difficulties of balancing personal life with work, for which many companies already have been giving some solutions to reconcile the two, or even ofrecer alternatives to postpone the age at which they want to have children.

That is nothing new, since although they have written rivers of ink on this issue real solutions has not proposed any at the moment. Perhaps one pass for put aside statistics because it is a fact that women can be successful in this world, like men, but equality will come when a table is not differ from each other.


ToFirstRound women are more successful than men undertaking
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August 5, 2015