‘Too Good To Go’: the app to not throw away the leftover food in the restaurants

Consume with head is a trend that more and more-finally – prevails in the society. Many sectors has taken letters in the subject and have appeared ingenious initiatives to take advantage of the resources. One of these initiatives is to Too Good To Go, a movement that triumphs in all of Europe, and that is fighting the food waste in the format app.Such is the revolution of this application that has managed to be the first in App Store in the category of ‘Food and drink’. And Google Play builds up 146.580 users. Does the key to your success? A culinary cared for, a good message and an even better marketing, in our opinion.With a simple design and trendy, the creators of this app -available in iOS , and Android– they have managed to attract already a 36.742 hotels across Europe.“One-third of the food produced worldwide ends up directly in the trash. But it is not only wasted food, but all the processes and resources that have been invested to produce it, from the water to the land and the work carried out”, they claim from the app. We talk about 7.7 million tons of food wasted.And in the case of households, the thing is not going better: thrown away each year to 604 million pounds of food, making us the seventh country of the European Union that more food strip.Obviously, a restaurant or a food service establishment -such as bakeries, for example – may not know in advance how much food produced on that day we will remain. For this reason, the system is Too Good To Go is to offer a ‘Pack Surprise’, a concept that mixes sustainability and emotion”, say the creators, where the content and the volume of the pack will depend on the foods that have not been sold at the end of the shift food.The packs always contain, for a very affordable price, “the food is delicious and in a perfect state”, “we are a responsible option and smart eat well at the same time cares for the environment”, claim from the application.Until today Too Good To Go ‘has saved’ almost 28 million packs of food, fighting under the motto #Lacomidanosetira.
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‘Too Good To Go’: the app to not throw away the leftover food in the restaurants
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January 1, 2020

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