Top 10 science fiction films, as astrophysicist ‘Cosmos’


  • After demonstrating scientific incogruencias movie ‘Gravity’, Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked about his favorite science fiction films.
  • Titles 2001: A Space Odyssey , Contact or Terminator on this list that the astrophysicist has chosen not to number
  • What is your favorite science fiction movie? Vota.

List of science fiction films

After massacring Gravity for your scientific inconsistencies , astrophysicist and host of Cosmos , Neil deGrasse Tyson , offers its list of the 10 best science fiction movies , in his opinion.

Titles Matrix , 2001: A Space Odyssey , Contact or Terminator on this list that DeGrasse Tyson revealed during an interview with Los Angeles Times . A top-ten in which, unsurprisingly, is not Oscar-winning Ribbon Alfonso Cuarón .

‘The Day the Earth’

classic title from Robert Wise astrophysicist noted that” his story was so strong and convincing “movie that did not require” special effects monsters or violence to be both hopeful and frightening time “


. A Space Odyssey ‘

Another classic is here where the astrophysicist preferred not number the title s. He says that it is the first film in seriously address the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence . And its great virtue is, he notes, be aware that “our imagination can do a better job than Hollywood.” In any case, he notes, tape Kubrick “was a visual orgy “.

‘Planet of the Apes

The list also appears Planet of the Apes , in its classic version, in 1968 Franklin J. Schaffner directed and starred Charlton Heston,” an action movie and it was an adventure true reflection of our lives and our civilization “.


Neil deGrasse Tyson jumps a few years to praise Terminator (1984). The film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger aunaba skillfully “and a plot frighteningly plausible” action, violence, sensitive machines, a heroine and travel time.

‘Sole Survivor’

Quiet Earth , a film directed in 1985 by Geoff Murphy, is undoubtedly the most unknown title of top-ten Astrophysicist . A low-budget film about the last man on Earth that contains “ a premise, a story and an informal way of popularizing science that keeps the viewer on edge all the time, wondering what the hell happened and why. “


Jodie Foster and Contact (1997), directed by Robert Zemeckis, also have their place among the favorites Neil deGrasse Tyson; not for nothing is it based on the novel of the same title of his mentor , Carl Sagan .

“The second film talking about contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and yet not show how they are ” notes for then praised his “brilliant exploration of how our cultural and religiously pluralistic society might react to a species more intelligent than us.”

‘Deep Impact’

disaster movie also has the approval of the host of Cosmos, including Deep Impact (1998) across your favorite online . “There have been many films of natural disasters on asteroids and comets. But it took time to get his physical theories were consistent ” he says.

“And the portrait Morgan Freeman makes president of the United States may be the best of all “sentence.


The Wachowski and the first installment of his Matrix (1999) the highest praise by the astrophysicist takes. “‘s My favorite movie in any category . From the opening credits to the final scenes, every moment of this film is so well conceived and executed, despite the world having absolutely fantastic, the viewer is there experiencing the same as their characters. “

‘The Island’

” Although it has too many free minutes of persecution, “the Astrophysicist includes Island (2005) of Michael Bay in their top ten science fiction. And it does so because it represents “ unusual test of science in the service of vanity , mixed with exploring corporate profits, human identity and free will.”


comic book superheroes also have space in the top-ten Astrophysicist. Their representation is Watchmen (2009), the film that led to the big screen the critically acclaimed Alan Moore . “I do not know if I’m the only one who thinks is the best of all superhero movies ,” says DeGrasse Tyson says that if in the real world superheroes exist would surely like . Watchmen

‘Blade Runner’

closes his basic list with another classic of the genre: Blade Runner (1982). “A story that is a deep and frightening time ” but he never came up with the enthusiasm with which they do other fans of the genre. “So this is a confession to a review,” he concludes.


Top 10 science fiction films, as astrophysicist ‘Cosmos’
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