Transform your Galaxy S3 or S4 on a tablet with TransMaker TR10, and the future media market


Every time tablets occupy more market and more people they have in their homes one. But there are people who prefer to have a single device. This is why new devices that allow the incorporation of your smartphone and tablet conversion of this were created. We saw Asus and PadFone model which allowed to extend the screen of your terminal to 10.1 inches.

Today is the turn of Samsung and their Galaxy S3 models and S4 Galaxy . wants to turn your smartphone into a tablet 10.1 . It’s simple, with just place your phone in the back of the tablet see the screen of your device but you increased to the size of a tablet. Tablet and smartphone at the same time.

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Of course this is great news for any site that is good for working. For example, if you are traveling on the train to connect our smartphone this support and will become a tablet . Thus we can work using the data plan contract. No more free WiFi or internet sharing from your phone.

This device boasts a touchscreen 10.1 inches Super IPS HD with a resolution of 1200 × 800 . It also incorporates a battery 5000 mAh , microUSB port , Jack port 3.5 and WIN buttons with which navigate your Android. But we’ll just use it as a touch screen, this device has Bluetooth if we want to connect the keyboard that comes. The creators are not miss a trick.

If you prefer a portable rather than a tablet, you can opt for the 11.6-inch version . This model turns your Galaxy S3 or S4 on a netbook . With 600th mAh battery and the same ports as the tablet model, TransMaker TR10 wants to adapt to all kinds of people

The beginning of a new market, media holders for smartphones


More and more benefits smartphones have and they can be used in more than calls . Currently, our mobile device allows us to check email, surf the internet, get into social networks, installed applications and much more. And I think, why not use the full potential of smartphones

The idea of ​​Asus with its PadFone is really a bet promising but has yet to expand. By offering the possibility of turn your smartphone into a tablet seems like a brilliant idea. How many times have we wanted to play on larger screens or write more comfortably?, In my case, many times.

The unofficial launch of these devices for other smartphones help this sector increasingly expand . They started with Asus, they have now fallen to Samsung and hope that eventually l leguen increasingly smartphones . No doubt that Android provides facilities makes creating these supports.

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If we look to the past, this type of technology was unthinkable. Before he was already a world make calls from the street or have a couple of installed applications on your device. With the arrival of the first tablets and the “boom” that came with the launch of the first iPad, many manufacturers are being tossed into this market head.

Currently the smartphones are getting bigger up to take a new name, phablets . But not everyone likes big phones, but rather a support transform your smartphone into a tablet . Unfortunately for them this is not possible and have to resort to having two devices, your mobile phone and a tablet, so you have to manage two devices and both carry them.

Although it seems that this is changing and more and more devices coming to market in order to comfort these people, such as TransMaker TR10 . Hopefully more companies will join the development of media for other smartphones and thus more mobile terminals catalog is covering.

In my opinion I think if in the future more multimedia supports our smartphone get larger to bring it to the dimensions of a tablet can be created, would be good news for many people. Today there many wireless keyboards to write on your smartphone but of course is not the same type on a screen 4 or 5 inches in a 9 or 10 inches, there is a difference considerable. So I think that the expansion of these supports to more terminals would be a fabulous idea, especially for the area of ​​leisure and work.

And you, you would buy a support of this kind for your smartphone? , comentad below.

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Transform your Galaxy S3 or S4 on a tablet with TransMaker TR10, and the future media market
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December 22, 2013

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