Tried iA Writer for Android, the star of text editors in iOS

Tried iA Writer for Android, Star of text editors in iOS

iA Writer for Android is here, even as a beta. After years in iOS and OS X, landed on the platform with everything, or almost everything, which characterizes him and makes him great. As always, iA Writer defends the simplicity above all.

For a long time, talk about good text editors markdown on Android was a utopia. It is something that happens with my niche, find in iOS is much easier ( iA Writer , Byword , Editorial by reasons we have already seen. Processors traditional text-based Office existed since the birth of the platform, but when it comes to something as specific as markdown costs more to find a good option. Until now recommended Jotterpad, but soon perhaps do with iA Writer for Android that just arrived in private beta . We tell our impressions after years awaiting your arrival.

First of all, before continuing, consider it necessary to explain what kind of application is iA Writer. Within publishers plane and in markdown format text, I’d say is the most minimalist that we can find on the market , including only a few options. And I do not mind when I want to write easy and with the highest concentration in the text, iA Writer seems the perfect application because with it I have zero distractions .

iA Writer for Android

Therefore, in iA Writer for Android could not be expected much difference to what we already were in iOS and OS X. The larger we will find, and for obvious reasons, is unsynchronized with iCloud, which Android is impossible. Therefore, in case you want to sync with cloud our texts, the option chosen is again Dropbox . As in the version of iOS, we can choose the directory where you want to save the files as well as those who want to edit.

Despite being a focused iOS equipment, iA they have much love for Android , bringing a classic interface, but based on Material Design . As in other versions, the best of iA Writer for Android again the “focus mode” , which will highlight only the line are writing, which is appreciated when concentration is sought. It also supports “undo” and “redo”, ie, undo and redo, essential in a text editor. In contrast, and despite their share button, miss more export functions, because currently only sends the text exactly where we write. It also lacks word counter, which is something that if we find in the other versions.

Jotterpad is a more mature choice of time.

Jotterpad is a more mature choice of time.

iA Writer for Android is in beta, and something in that state few conclusions can be drawn in the long term. I love how despite changing platform application maintains its essence , and despite want simplicity, you just longing for simple things like PDF export, search, change the subject, or plug-ins keyboard. Therefore, and although I really excites the arrival of iA Writer to Play Store, I think the moment Jotterpad is somewhat ahead in office.

To test iA Writer for Android, you have to register yourself in your community Google+ (limited licenses), and after approval, pay € 1 in the Play Store (the final version will be more expensive).


Tried iA Writer for Android, the star of text editors in iOS
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February 10, 2015

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