“Truman” and “El Rey de la Habana ‘, winners of the VIII Gaudí Awards


  • The films ‘Truman’ and ‘The King of Havana’ were the winners of the Eighth Gala Catalan cinema Gaudí Awards.
  • ‘Truman’ by Cesc Gay, was the film that earned more statuettes at the gala six Gaudí, including best film in non-Catalan language and best actor.

Gaudí Awards 2016.

Movies Truman and The King of Havana are winners of the Eighth gala of Catalan cinema Gaudí Awards , which took place this evening in the auditorium of the Barcelona Forum.

Truman , Cesc Gay , was the film that earned more statuettes at the gala, six Gaudí , including best film in non-Catalan language, best director, best screenplay, best actor and supporting actor and best Supporting actress.

the success Truman has garnered between the Catalan academic begins to confirm the omens already place this film among the favorites at the Goya awards, which are fail next week

the King of Havana , which was the movie started with more nominations with Anacleto. secret agent , twelve, has received four statuettes, all technical awards . mount, original music, photography and costumes

The same number of Gaudí received Anacleto: secret Agent , also technical awards. production management, art direction, sound and special digital effects

the Gaudí for best film was for E l camí per month llarg turn home , directed by Sergi Pérez, the only award that has garnered the awards gala of the Catalan Film Academy, a result similar to what occurred a year ago with Trails sandalwood .

the film Sergi Pérez, written by the director himself and Eric Navarro and Roger Padilla and produced by Niu d’Indi with associated production of No band (Martin Samper), c ontaba with five nominations .

Perez has been extended thanked “the team that worked on very precarious conditions, the 150 people participated micropatronage , the actor Borja Espinosa, and my sister, who is the inspiration for this film, as well as 40 festivals have selected us and awarded worldwide. “

a gala criticized

With a decor inspired by the Great Gatsby , the gala, considered by the mostly as boring , slowly and with a presenter, Rossy de Palma, a histrionic moments , has had the funny moment when a microphone is not closed he has played tricks on him and heard him “I’m jodidilla” a phrase that has since been repeated like a mantra in social networks.

the most emotional moment occurred with absence of veteran Rosa Maria Sarda , honored tonight with the Gaudí of Honour and has picked his son Pol Mainat Sardà; while the protest time has come hand in hand with the singer Silvia Perez Cruz, who has sung a theme composed for a future movie about the eviction s and lack of bread theme followed with attention and excitement for the mayor Ada Colau.

Although brief, it has also been protest the intervention of the president of the Catalan Film Academy, Isona Passola, who, addressing the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and the Minister of culture, Santi Vila, has called for greater weight of the Catalan culture in the next budgets: “no culture, no country, no film, no culture” he has ruled.

the big loser of the night has been Barcelona, ​​nit d’hivern , Dani de . the Order, who started with 7 nominations and concluded the evening with his empty box of awards


“Truman” and “El Rey de la Habana ‘, winners of the VIII Gaudí Awards
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February 2, 2016

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